Perth – Australia’s Beautiful West Coast Destination


Perth offers residents and visitors a microcosm of the Australian landscape. It is carved by the Swan River and on the western fringe, one can engage in some seaside revelry along the dramatic Indian Ocean shoreline. The city is a base for inland exploration – many historical and natural sites await the intrepid traveler.

As a lifestyle destination – a mixed and aspiring population has made Perth a wonderful shopping and eating destination. Festivals adorn the social calendar throughout the year and the largely sunny weather allows outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy their passions to the fullest. So if you and your family are considering moving to a Perth suburb, this just might be the best decision of your lives.

It Is Easy To Travel Around In Perth

When it comes to choosing houses in the suburbs Perth is a perfect city because of its rather compact size and its very well-connected public transit system. The transport system is made up of buses, ferries, and trains and there are discounted fares (SmartRider cards) available for those who want to use the system in the long run. With such easy access to all the parts of the city and the adjoining towns (all the way to Mandurah), suburban Perth is where many families are setting up their dream homes.

A Booming Economy

Perth reflects the success story of Australia. The city is a base for many mining conglomerates and has spawned many supporting and peripheral industries. You can expect to enjoy a very high standard of living in Perth when compared to the already impressive lifestyles in Melbourne and Sydney. This is because Perth real estate rates are much lower than the east coast mega cities while wages are just marginally less.

Some Suburbs of Perth

Claremont gives residents wonderful river views while also being a place known for its architecture and lush landscape. Cottesloe is a paradise for beach lovers and houses in this neighborhood are much sought after.

Mosman Park located on the west of the city is another scenic riverside neighborhood with great access to the coastal attractions. Besides the recreational and visual appeal, the area is also home to thriving markets and shopping centers along with a host of dining options.

Perth‘s suburbs are also gifted with the best amenities in terms of education and sports and the homes here are available at much lower rates than some of the other suburbs. If you are looking for spacious residential properties, then the Mount Claremont suburb, one of the newer areas of Perth, is a good option. A railway line adds to the connectivity of the suburb to the rest of the metropolitan area.

Shenton Park is a very short drive from the exciting central business district but it also maintains the pleasant vibes of a residential area. With ample parks and recreational centers, the residents can just walk out of their homes and find many things to do. Universities have a presence here and just like any other suburb of Perth, Shenton Park has high-quality educational facilities for children.

Other suburbs you can explore include the charming Wembley area, one of the oldest in the city and packed with cultural delights, and Crawley – a university district that boasts a delightfully vibrant population.

Perth – A city that loves the outdoors

Raising a family in Perth will guarantee many beautiful memories. The city layout encourages many outdoor activities and Perth is home to many iconic sports teams. The new Perth cricket stadium is a state of the art establishment that will be hosting test matches every year. There are many clubs for sports enthusiasts – Aussie rules, rugby, and the aforementioned cricket are just some of the many popular sports that people here love and play.

Fishing enthusiasts can explore the Swan. Some of the popular spots to get the best catch include the Belmont Causeway, the Yanchep lagoon, and Burns Beach. A 2-hour oceanside drive north leads to the stunning Nambung National Park, an arid landscape known for its otherworldly limestone pillars. Apart from scenes straight out of a sci-fi exploration movie, this wilderness area is home to kangaroos, dingoes and a host of endemic reptiles. The offshore attractions include whale and dolphin watching.

Within Perth, King’s Park is a huge open recreation area and some of the highlights here include the wide variety of flora planted across the stretch. It also hosts a major spring festival.

Armed with a spectacular skyline juxtaposed with open, lush landscape, Perth is an oasis on the edge of the Australian continent. The city is ranked in the top 30 best places to live in the world and investing in real estate here will be a very rewarding choice.


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