Planning a Wedding? Follow These 5 Financial Tips


If you’ve been dreaming of planning your wedding, chances are you already have a number of the details picked out. What you may not have planned for are the price tags that come with your vision. Making the day memorable often brings pressure on the bride and the couple’s finances as a whole.

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If you’re in wedding planning mode, these five financial tips can help.

1Choose a Unique Venue

A traditional venue is likely going to account for a significant portion of your budget. Venues that cater to weddings will often have surcharges or particular fees, which can cost you unnecessarily. Instead, get creative when it comes to your location.

Restaurants, for example, will often only charge for the food and alcohol. Breweries, vacation houses, or even a friend’s backyard could be a viable option. Just remember to factor in additional costs like tent rentals, catering, and ensure this non-traditional venue has the space you need to host your guests.

2Create a Wedding Website

Sending out save-the-dates, RSVPs, and thank you notes can cost a pretty penny — especially if your guest list is on the higher side. Instead, save money on printing costs for fancy invitations and take your wedding details virtual.

A wedding website can save you hundreds of dollars per guest, and it offers a convenient one-stop shop for all things pertaining to your wedding. You can list your registry, have an RSVP section, and post your wedding pictures after the day for everyone to see.

3Consider a Pre-Loved Gown

Many brides dream of their wedding dress, but when it comes time to make that purchase, it may feel overwhelming to spend thousands of dollars on something you’ll only wear once. Making memories and feeling like a bride doesn’t have to come with a brand new price tag.

There are several secondhand options available with gowns at discounted rates — and they’re often well-maintained, especially if you’re shopping at a bridal consignment store. You can easily save hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars and still find a dress that makes the day special.

4Get Creative with Decor

Flower arrangements and wedding decor, in general, are often one of the biggest expenses couples face when budgeting for their big day. Creating a beautiful aesthetic doesn’t have to cost you or your family a lot of money.

If you have an artistic side or can recruit friends and family to help, there are several creative DIY wedding decor ideas to take advantage of — from elegant place settings to rustic centrepieces. Each option has the potential to save you money in the process.

5Use Your Friends’ Talents

Paying for wedding photographers and cake creators can cost hundreds, even a few thousand dollars at the end of the day.

If you have a friend with a DSLR camera, ask if they wouldn’t mind taking a few ceremony and post-ceremony pictures. Leave disposable cameras on the reception tables and let your guests capture some memories. The memories are what count, not necessarily how professionally lit everyone looked.

Got a friend who can bake? Consider asking them to make a small cake for your reception. Most weddings offer too much food leading up to dessert, and extravagant cakes go uneaten. This is an easy way to have a piece of the ceremony without unnecessarily spending.


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