Step By Step Guide: From Choosing A Name And Giving An Identity To Your Bot


Naming a bot is not a difficult thing to do, if you know the kind of your bot, what is the purpose and its functionality, the persona of your brand or company, and your customer profile, you can easily pick a name for your bot.

Here are simple steps that will give you autonomy in choosing a name conforming to your company’s persona and needs.

1Identify your bot’s function

Identify the functionality and purpose it has to fulfil for your brand before assigning a name to it. Is the function of the bot being to welcome the customers with greeting messages?

or is it a bot to engage customers proactively facilitating them with support and care?

If it is a customer support bot then it can be named after your product line, whereas a welcome bot needs not to have a descriptive name, just give it a clever or human name.

You can name your bot after your brand also. There are different bot names you can get some ideas from, but if you choose a name that is unique and innovative, it will help to establish a friendly and personal connection with the customer.

2Give your bot a personality

Giving a name to your bot means giving it a personality which will establish its identity in the customer’s mind. Giving it a human touch and its own unique personality such as gender and tone, will help you create a bot that appears more interesting to the customers and also you will be creating an image of your brand.

3Choose between robot or human name

You don’t always have to choose a human name for your bot, you can assign a robot name too. A good name for a bot diminishes the confusion about the bot,  if there is any confusion in the customer’s mind about who they are interacting with.

Sometimes removing confusion for the customers also helps to make them feel more at ease. It is purely your choice whether you want to opt for a human or a robot name for your bot.

4Create a list of names

You have a variety of different bot names to choose from, and you get only one shot. So choose wisely from the list of names. Having a list of options is always a great practice. Try to shortlist the names you like to weigh your options, compare names that seem right to you, conduct some thorough market research on the names of the bot most liked by the customers and then finalize the name for your bot.

5Script a Story

Once you have decided the name of your bot from the shortlist you created from the various options, think the name you have picked fits for your brand persona and its narrative. Now finally organise the process of your chatbot setup by giving your bot  an interesting script to interact with the customers.


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