Planning to Hire with the US Temp Agency- Here’s all you Need to Know!


Do you find it tedious to search for a talented workforce? Is it time-consuming to line up several interviews and then select the ideal candidate out of all? Well, a reputed staffing temp Agency in the US can line up potential candidates to meet your business needs. They act as an interlink between the workers and the employers to help candidates get the best job openings.

Also, the businesses can easily hire quality resources who are well-trained, which saves the company time, and there are no legal risks. So, grow your business with highly productive manpower by hiring them through such staffing agencies. But, there are a couple of things that you need to know before that.

Challenges of direct recruitment for companies!

  • Reviewing multiple applications and shortlisting
  • Interviewing numerous candidates for a single position
  • Salary negotiations
  • Giving them a brief about company’s working

How can the Temp Agency US help you?

A good and reputed staffing agency can help businesses in getting potential staff that meets their job requirements. The process followed by the staffing agency for this is as follows:

  • The employer gets in touch with the agency specializing in offering staff that handles several job responsibilities efficiently.
  • They also provide you with several employees required at dedicated wages or salary packages.
  • When you hire a good agency, then pep up a job description and promote it through the business advertisement. They are proud of dedicating the excellent fit for every job profile.
  • After the candidates apply for an open position, the temp Agency goes through their qualifications, records, and schedules interviews with the hiring manager.
  • The hiring manager finalizes the staff amongst the countless applicants available for a job profile.
  • The next thing about which the agency takes care of is the paperwork relevant to new contracts, hires, payroll tasks, and taxes-related details.

Businesses can now allocate their funds and resources to hire employees somewhere else and leave this task to staffing agencies.

What are the fees charged by the staffing agencies?

On average, the staffing agencies might charge you somewhere from 25% to 100% of the employee’s wages whom you hire. It is mutually decided between the employer and the company on a specific mark-up amount that they need to pay to the agency to explore a skilled workforce for the job profiles.

Apart from that, you might need to pay an additional amount as the contract buyout fees for hiring the temporary workers.

Top benefits of hiring employees with staffing companies!

Employers are always searching for a qualified and professional workforce who can commence work on a freelance or part-time basis to fill in the work gaps. Staffing agencies are prompt in serving businesses with the suitable employee base for the overall boost of the business profits.

The benefits of opting for staffing agencies are

  • Quick hiring: With the changing corporate environment, there is a need for a quick workforce who understands the work and dedicates complete efficacy in their jobs. And such agencies aim at selecting such profiles only.
  • Flexible staffing: Many companies these days are opting for a flexible working staff who can focus more on projects and trigger the company’s productivity levels. Temp staffing is the new trend of the time.
  • Minimal risk: When you are a direct employer, you need to take care of several aspects like insurance tax coverage and relative labor laws. Even from an operational and functional outlook, hiring employees pertains to several financial challenges, including the firing threat and uncertain leaves.

Key Takeaways

Hiring employees with the staffing agency can prove very valuable and efficient for business growth and development. Such agencies can identify and segregate the potential candidates depending on your work needs. It includes the flexibility in temporary and permanent staffing arrangements that you need as per the business requirement. While you hire the right company, search for reputed providers and discuss your needs for the best output from their end!


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