Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – Coming Soon To Zimbabwe To Host Worship And Communion Service And Spread The God’s Word


Chris Oyakhilome is a hugely famous pastor who is widely known among the Christian community as the “Holy Messenger” as well. Pastor Chris’s Christ Embassy has a worldwide presence in more than 50 countries, but the primary focus is on South Africa, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Past Chris is also known for his highly famous and best-selling book named Rhapsody of Realities.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has dedicated his life to spreading the words of God and help people come closer to God. He wants to help the individuals in a modern generation to understand that while the world has advanced and technology has evolved and so many beautiful things have happened; one must never forget the Lord and his kind word. Over the years, the work of Pastor Chris has helped many turns to believers from being non-believers, while millions of people have received the miraculous healing at his healing ministries and the blessing at his highly celebrated worship and communion service.

In the book of Chris Oyakhilome, the pastor has helped in simplifying the Bible’s word to help spread the message of the Lord to millions of people across the world in all the five continents. The book has been translated in over 800 languages worldwide and is distributed widely in more than 242 countries. Pastor Chris has gone the extra mile and over the years has shown incredible passion for sharing his knowledge and wisdom and passing on the word of God, wherever he goes.

Few of the languages in which the book has been translated includes Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Malayalam, Russian, Finnish, Italian, Cantonese, Croatian, Portuguese, German, Afrikaans, Icelandic, Telegu, Dutch, Spanish, and more. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome personally oversees the sales of his book to ensure that the message of God is spread as far and wide and possible. He tries to stay as busy as humanly possible to help with the spiritual and religious awakening he believes is firmly needed in the modern times to ensure that people among other things, do not forget the blessings and message of God.

In his journey to spread the word of God, Pastor Chris Oliyakhilome has recently announced he would be visiting Zimbabwe soon to host a worship and communion service. It would be held the National Sports Stadium on 7th of May from 2 PM Onwards. People across Zimbabwe are already excited about the event, and the details about how to get entry to the event are mentioned in depth at the Christ Embassy website. In the communion service held earlier in Jan 2016 at Johannesburg, Pastor Chris said during his speech about Zimbabwe being the blessed country. And, it is what marked the event announced now.

The entire country of Zimbabwe is abuzz after the announcement of Pastor Chris’s worship, and communion service announcement was made. The best part is that the people who can’t visit can still watch the live telecast of the event on many networks, at the embassy’s site and from the phone as well through the mobile application called CEFLIX.


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