Hiring A Licensed Master Plumber Over An Unlicensed Plumber


Plumbers will find work everywhere in residential and commercial buildings and in most other construction sites. You being the deciding head for a construction site or being the owner of a house or office will have to call in plumbers for services like fittings of water lines, drainage pipes, bathroom fittings etc. But your choice of a plumber actually makes a difference. In general, you would find many locals without any certification or registration working as a plumber at minimal rates and you also have certified plumbers coming from registered agencies. You will be in a dilemma as to whom you should choose.

Problems with Unlicensed Plumbers

Plumbers, who are not licensed, know that they are offering the service at a much low rate, and will therefore get a call from one household or office or another. Therefore they won’t bother to get licensed, and would rather attend you without a license or insurance. The main problem with that is, you will not be able to claim for any sort of damage to your property or appliance, and you will have to endure with the damage. Unlicensed plumbers may or may not be able to fix the damage. They can also do a shoddy job and get away with it.

You may choose to rather do small plumbing jobs on your own. But then again, this may be a small arrangement for the time being, and not a permanent solution.

Licensed Plumber
Licensed Plumber

Why and When You Would Need a Certified Plumber

Certified plumbers from agencies are required for out of the line jobs. Normal household or office plumbing fittings and fittings of sanitary ware is okay, and regular plumbers can do this. But for more sophisticated fittings, like fitting a sauna, or a special faucet, or a Jacuzzi, or a special bathtub or heater etc, you would need some special hands for it. For these kinds of fittings, you would need a certified plumber.

  • A certified plumber will be insured. Hence your bathroom fitting which are highly priced would be safe with him.
  • If your plumber is certified, he would know where to fit what, and you won’t see any mismatch or anomaly in work.
  • The certified plumber would also have the right idea and knowledge of tools and materials required and will be able to give you a proper estimate of required items that has to be bought by you or paid for by you. This will help reduce wastage on items and resources.
  • A certified plumber will be a better judge to choose the right fixture or fitting while keeping in mind working, design aesthetics, and quality.

How to avoid Rework on a Fitting

A major problem you may encounter with a bad plumbing is the requirement for rework. If you face this problem, your money, resources, time, all are drained while you get harassed again and again. However, by hiring a good master plumber this problem can be avoided. A certified plumber with experience of working in various places, organisations, and construction sites of different budgets and style, a good licensed master plumber will know how to fit things using the best combination of materials and calculative placement such that no rework will be needed. Should any rework be needed, this person will fix it without much effort.

You should feel free to know from the plumber his accreditations and other credentials. A certified master plumber will be used to such requests and will not mind your asking this, and will share the details to your satisfaction whereas those who do not have authentic documents would take offence at your request. It is better to avoid such individuals or companies for your own good.


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