How Does Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Run Christ Embassy?


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome started Christ Embassy to help spread his message of the gospel, and he has been giving sermons online for some time. He does a number of revivals for the people of the world, and he is showing all his sermons online so that people may watch. There are quite a few people who will find it quite simple to learn about God, and they will notice that he is teaching them a new way to live. This article explains how Chris Oyakhilome is doing the work of God online.

#1: The Site

Anyone may come to the Christ Embassy website to see his sermons, and they will find that the online church is a lovely place to come for church. Church is held all the time, and they have large Sunday services. These services are quite a lot of fun to watch because they will give them the experience that they have been looking for. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has given all the information that people need to learn about God, and he is explaining to people a new way to live.

#2: The Ministry

The ministry that has been created by Chris Oyakhilome to ensure that he may reach as many people as possible. There are quite a few people who will come to the church for the first time because they have never been ministered to. They are very concerned about what will make them better people, and they will look up to Chris because he is giving them the information and care they need.

#3: The Community

The community that has been created around this church is one of the strongest in the world because it is so large, and there are many people who come to the church website because they want to see their friends. The people that come together in these places will feel much better about the way they are learning about God, and they may rewatch any of the sermons they like. The community is growing every day, and it gets larger at revivals that have been held by Chris and his staff.

#4: Learning About God

Chris shares many different things about god in every sermon, and he is often showing people how they may live their lives in the biblical way. This is a good way for someone to turn their life around, and they are often recommended to this church because they know that it will help them make a life change that they believe is impactful.

#5: The Revivals

The revivals that have been done by Chris and his staff have brought together thousands of people in one place to meet and talk about God. He has been talking about God in public for a number of years, and he wants to ensure that all the people who show up to the location will feel as though they have been welcomed into he family of God. These people will hear sermons that will change their lives, and they will feel as though they are making changes to their lives that are right for them.

Everyone who wants to make a change in their life will find that they may work with Pastor Chris and his ministry. They may come closer to God to learn more about a new life.


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