6 Ways To Know Whether Movers Are The Best


It is quite easy to find movers in every area but here the main question is how to know whether the hired movers NYC are the best? Moving a house involves several tasks like sorting out and packing, loading, moving, and unloading the possessions. It is the advanced preparations that can help one to carry out hassle-free relocations. Movers are experts in shifting different types of houses and commercial buildings. Finding trusting movers can be quite a mind-blogging task. Here in this article are listed a few ways like reviews, ratings, estimates, references, etc that can help a person know about the genuineness of the movers.

1Check for the license and experience

These two are the most important things that are mandatory to check when searching for the movers and packers. There are many relocation companies in the market but not all are reputed and experienced enough to handle different types of transitions. Nowadays, it is getting more complicated for the customers to distinguish between the licensed movers from the unlicensed ones. One of the best ways to know if the movers are licensed is by cross-checking with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Having years of experience in the moving industry is what makes the movers NYC experts at offering efficient relocation services. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that the more experience the movers have, the more professional they are.

2Physical verification of address

Some relocation companies claim to be located at a particular location but actually have no physical existence. These are usually the fake companies, the key goal of which is to extract money from the clients in the form of advance deposits. Therefore, it is always suggested to cross-check and verify the physical address of the movers so that their genuineness can be known. Additionally, one should consider walking up to the company’s office and have communication with the manager to clear all doubts.

3Look for affiliations

The relocation company having affiliations like BSI, FIDI, International Association of Movers, etc are known to be the entities providing high-quality moving services. The movers must meet the prescribed standards so that renowned affiliations can be obtained. By hiring the affiliated moving company one can rest assured that they will be accessing services from experienced movers and thus, one need not worry about the possessions being damaged during the transition.

4Customer reviews and ratings

One of the most trustable ways to know if the movers a person is considering hiring are the best is by reading the reviews and ratings that are posted by the customers who have already worked with the specific company. Simply relying on what the company has posted about its services on the official is not a good idea. Instead, one should look for the reviews or testimonials of genuine customers on the official website, social media platforms, and other forums so that everything about the movers can be known. The moving company that has 1-2 star ratings on Google is to be avoided. Always prefer hiring a company that has at least 3 or more star ratings.

5Ask for references

One can ask the moving company to provide you with the references for their past work if there are no testimonials or reviews available on its official site. Consider contacting the past clients of the particular company so that more information about the worthiness of the movers can be availed.

6Ask for an estimate

Now that an individual has shortlisted some trustworthy relocation companies, choosing the best one can be a daunting task. Getting an estimate from the moving companies lets one know a lot about their professionalism. The company charging the price for moving services according to the market price is the right choice.


Shifting to another place sure is a stressful process but it does not need to be a horrific experience. It is the right choice of the movers NYC that can make the moving experience a fun one. Therefore, it is always wise to consider the above-listed factors before hiring movers. It is wisely said that a little research before hiring the moving company never hurts but helps in carrying an efficient move.


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