How to Organize Your Bedroom Closet with These Simple Tips


The bedroom is a safe sanctuary that should be the coziest and most relaxing room in the house. A comfortable place needs to be well-organized. It is hard to create a relaxing atmosphere if there is just clutter and mess everywhere.

One thing that can get messy pretty quickly in the bedroom is the bedroom closet. People just tend to throw things in the closet without any plan and they often run out of closet space as the clothes and bedding seem to be just tossed in there. It makes it difficult to find the items that you are looking for. An organized and clean bedroom closet is important as it will keep the bedroom beautiful as well.

Here are a few tips that can help in keeping the closet organized your Bedroom.

Creating zones:

If you want to keep the bedroom closet organized then you need to use the shelves wisely. Do not just randomly put things on the shelves because it will soon become a huge mess. You need to dedicate shelves to different items like dedicating the bottom shelves out of season bedding items. You can easily store a 15 tog single duvet on the bottom shelf during the summer season. When there are different shelves for different items then it will be easier to keep things clean and in their proper place.

The wall space:

The bedroom closet can often run out of storage space so you need to use the available space in the best possible way. The wall space of the closet can be used for storage purposes so you should not waste it. It will help in saving the shelf space as well. You can simply use hooks and hang items like scarves, belts, hats and other small accessories. It will also make sure that they do not get lost under other clothing items.

The wicker baskets:

The wicker baskets are affordable and they are a great way of keeping small items safely stored. These baskets allow storing items separately so that the things do not get mixed and you can easily find your socks and other small items.

Organized hanging:

Make sure that the bedroom closet has a rod that can be used for hanging the clothes. Hanging the clothes saves a lot of shelf space that can be dedicated to other items. But do not hang the clothes haphazardly. Select an organizational system and hang the clothes accordingly. Hang all the pants in one corner then hang all the shirts together. You can further break down the categories and make it even neater and organized. It will make it easier to find the things that you need to find.

Tidy drawers:

It is hard to keep drawers neat because you end up putting all the small things in there. It can become a huge mess. If you want to keep the drawers organized then you need to use drawer separators. They will allow you keep all the things separately. The separators make sure that the wires of your chargers are not tangled with everything else.


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