Home Decor: 6 Tips for a Happy Bedroom


The best part of a long day is going home. Knowing that you get to spend time with loved ones and your pet after a stressful day at the office puts a smile on your face.

Home means different things to each person. They can find it in a condo or in a house and lot. Wherever it may be, it still does the same thing – provide shelter and offer a peaceful haven from the rest of the world.

However, peace starts within the self. To achieve tranquility means to have a quiet mind and uplifting spirit. It can be influenced by the environment and space you occupy. Hence, it’s best to make each area happy and exciting.

The bedroom is one of the areas of the home that can benefit from a cheerful aura. Here are six tips to transform your bedroom into a happy place.

1Bring on the light

Placing additional sources of light in the room and encouraging sunlight to enter the room is a great way to boost your mood.

Opening the windows in the morning allows the natural light to clear the air and refresh the ambiance of the room. You can use reflectors like mirrors, metallics and other shiny objects to spread the light into the room.

Another way to increase the brightness of the space is by placing additional sources of light. You can post lamps by the bed or the corners of the room.

Warm lights such as such as those that aren’t cold or gray provide the illusion of a more extended daylight. Maximizing the brightness of the room will help you immensely especially if you are prone to seasonal blues.

2Create a canvas

A blank wall can seem like a downer, but it serves as the opposite. The empty and neutral painted wall allows you to become creative. You can brush one side of the wall to have an accent wall.

Other than that, you can hang family photos, artwork and other creative pursuits to give life to the huge canvas. If you aren’t the artistic type, you can use decals as decorative details in the space.See more Wall Decor Ideas.

3Include a gift of nature

Having a plant indoors will help you feel refreshed by bringing a piece of nature. If you have a green thumb, include a potted plant of your favorite leaf or flower in the room.

You can also try bringing succulents and other low-maintenance plants that thrive on minimal water and sunlight.

The living greens in the area will remove the toxins and clean the air. Breathing fresh air is a simple way to uplift your mood.

4Establish symmetry in design

Balanced elements of designs like sets of furniture, proportioned spaces and coordinated colors provide a sense of order.

Making sure that each item in the room is in its proper position gives comfort particularly to highly-anxious people.

An easy way to achieve symmetry is by placing two of the same item in the space. If you have a tall plant on the right, there should also be one on the left.

You can place an end table and a lamp on each side of the bed. You can even hang frames of the same size on the wall. You can put each frame side by side to achieve a sense of balance.

5Blast color

Adding a hint of color now and then adds appeal to the room. It engages the eyes and plays up the elements of design in the place.

Pillowcases in prints and jewel tones will pop out in neutral-colored beddings. An orange dresser or a sunny desk are examples of pieces of furniture that adds life to a dreary room. A bouquet of fresh flowers is another way to break off the monotony of the room.

6Include mood-boosting items

You can place your favorite pieces in the room to remind you of the pleasant memories associated with it. When you include the things that make you happy, you get excited about the idea of being in the area.

Moreover, you get to relax and attract positive energy in the bedroom when you instill liveliness and peaceful vibe in it. Photos of loved ones, awards from past achievements, favorite items and collectibles are examples of things that can place you in a good mood.

These seven low-cost changes are easy to apply. You can transform your bedroom overnight without undergoing drastic changes. The transformation is sure to put you in a good mood daily.


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