Why Buying Oppo A3s could be a Better Choice than the Redmi Y2


Smartphones are an indispensable part of our lives and therefore whenever we plan to buy one, we ensure that we pick the best. When you look for the features you want in your phone, there are various options available at your disposal. Naturally, it could make your task difficult.

Currently, Oppo and Xiaomi are two smartphone brands that have launched powerful smartphones at budget prices. The recently launched Oppo A3s and Xiaomi Redmi Y2 are popular choices owing to their sleek designs and light weight.

Although both OppoA3s and Xiaomi Redmi Y2 fall under the same price bracket, the features of Oppo A3s make it a better alternative to Xiaomi Redmi Y2.

Let’s look into the features.

Impressive display

A smartphone with an all-glass body is generally expensive owing to its fragility. However, Oppo phones under 15000 do not compromise on the aesthetics. The beautiful Oppo A3s with a glass design and reflective vinyl coating makes it a smartphone worth noticing.

Better in display and design than its counterpart the Xiaomi Redmi Y2, the large 6.2-inch HD, LCD screen with 1,520 x 720p resolution in the Oppo A3s can help you watch the latest movies with ease. Moreover, the presence of minimal bezels makes it more attractive and provides a better multimedia experience.

Long battery life

Oppo A3s

You can now binge-watch Netflix on the go, or compete with your friends on the video games like PUBG, with the Oppo A3s. The power packed battery life can keep it going for hours without a charge. The Oppo As3 offers better on-screen time and around 37% more battery life than the Xiaomi Redmi Y2. It is packed with a long-lasting 4,230 mAh battery as compared to the 3,080 mAh battery in the Xiaomi Redmi Y2.

Latest interface and specifications

The presence of the latest Android Oreo 8.1 in Oppo phones under 15000 such as the OppoA3s makes it an ideal choice when you want to run multiple applications at once. You can conveniently post your pictures on multiple social media apps all at once without worrying about phone lags or snags. The Oppo A3s also offers a unique colour interface OS 5.1. This extremely light UI with various customised and utilitarian features is not seen in the Xiaomi Redmi Y2.

RAM and Storage

Moreover, with the Oppo A3s, you do not have to think twice before downloading multiple shopping apps or clicking hundreds of selfies. Along with the 2GB RAM and 16 GB on-board storage facility, the Oppo mobile under 15000 also allows you to extend memory with a 256GB microSD card. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Octa-Core Processor, it helps you operate your phone without any glitches.

However if we comes to Xiaomi’s Redmi Y2, then it packs the RAM of 3 GB. Along with 32 GB internal storage the phone has more storage capacity than OppoA3S.

In terms of storage Redmi definitely beats the OppoA3S as it serves more RAM and internal storage. One more feature that lift up this Oppo phone is card slot capacity. In this model A3S supports the card slot capacity of upto 256 GB, while Y2 can only serve upto 128GB

Good camera quality

The camera quality is a vital feature you may want to consider while choosing a smartphone. With its dual 13 and 2MP rear cameras, the OppoA3s can take the best travel and festive pictures without the need for filters. Moreover, the 8 MP selfie camera is bound to capture your attention, making the Oppo A3s your best friend.


The sensors are very common features in today’s smart. This is the special one feature that really makes a smartphone, smart. In terms of safety, style and look the phone having sensors are most prevalent. If we compare both of the phone in the name of feature sensors, then definitely only Redmi Y2 will be reach at expectation as OppoA3s does not include such any quality. There is no fingerprint sensors in OppoA3S. Also it does not featured any ambient light feature to handle automatic adjustment of display brightness. While if we move on to Redmi Y2 it serve both Fingerprint and Ambient light sensors. Gyroscope sensors are also available in Xiaomi Redmi Y2 which use to maintain and measure angular velocity, and orientation.

However Redmi Y2 phone serve you more features than Oppo A3S, but when it comes to quality, than no doubt Oppo comes as first. The heat problem in these phones are very rare than Redmi.

Ahead in almost every feature, the Oppo A3s could be one of the best among Oppo under 15000 phones. As the smartphone from Xiaomi also With its attractive features and specifications, the Oppo A3s can be the best buy within your budget.

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