Online Reputation Management: 5 Ways to Oversee your Brand’s Online Reputation


Online reputation management is a crucial aspect of branding.  A string of criticisms fueled on social media platforms, a salvo of damaging tweets, and a couple of bad reviews are all it takes to undo a brand that took so many years to establish.

These circumstances could result in the loss of credibility and trust. Worse, the business will lose its customers. Hence, having a robust online strategy is vital. Fortunately, there are efficient ways to counteract a PR crisis and manage your brand’s online reputation. Check them out.

Optimize your Site

Online reputation management begins with your site since you have the entire control over it. Seemingly, you will want to focus on the technical SEO, most especially internal links and semantic markup. However, do not stop there.

It is extremely important to post content and gain links that’ll make search engines like Google regard your site as a high-authority result for your brand. The most plausible way to do this is to post lots of content on your site.

However, keep in mind to put quality on top of quantity. As you establish a list of quality articles, the author pages on your site will be more authoritative and significant for your brand.

Furthermore, it is also vital to build high-quality links to your author page. Except if you share a name with a well-known personality, it often won’t take very many.

So,  if your website contains a few quality articles, then you can perhaps manage to have a few quality links. Well, that is, without a doubt, attainable by guest posting on other high-quality, relevant sites.

Purchase Relevant Domains

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If you are anticipating or facing explicitly aggressive attacks,  purchasing relevant domains is a brilliant strategy. You presumably have, by now, a domain of .com. However, what about the other add-ons available today?

As such, you should also register for the domains .org and .net, or other extensions that are relevant to your brand. There are plenty of domain extensions available, thus, make sure to go over these extensions thoroughly. But don’t go overboard to prohibit others from pretending like you or your brand.

Start a Podcast

 Launching a podcast is an effective and powerful way to up your reputation management endeavors. For instance, if your podcast page is on the website of Apple, your site will be, for the most part, regarded as reliable and legit based on the domain it occupies.

Don’t forget to include some high-quality links so that your podcast can skyrocket to the first page. However, this strategy is not a one-time long-term solution. Keep in mind that handling a podcast demands a considerable amount of effort.

Boost your Social Profiles

 Social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are somewhat uncomplicated to rank. Thus, making them valuable assets. Your social profiles should have all vital information such as address, hours of operation, website URL, contact number, etc.

Also, your profiles on social networks should align with your brand. In particular, the logo and colors, and remember to use proper header images. By including all the relevant information, your profile will undoubtedly rank higher, and you can expect for higher engagement with your audience.

Get Positive Reviews

 If you have been in the industry for a long time, you may have already know that pleasing everyone is as tedious as getting a pile of water. Also, pleasing everyone at the same time might lead to negative reviews.

An excellent way to go up against that is by earning a tremendous amount of authentic positive reviews. Getting posting reviews is straightforward, but it’s not easy. By that we mean, it is straightforward because you only need to ask happy and pleased customers to write a positive review on sites where many readers can see them.

However, it is not easy because you need to have a stellar service or product. And that makes it difficult, particularly in the competitive market today. Of course, no one can help you have an excellent service or product, but you can earn positive reviews by sharing engaging e-mail scripts.


Online reputation management is usually misinterpreted. Some people believe that it has something to do with public relations or social media monitoring, while others have no idea about its significance in your sales and business.

Reputation management is an integral part of digital marketing. Keep in mind that it only takes one upset customer to damage your online reputation. Hence, it’s of the utmost importance to manage your brand’s online reputation. Check out the ways on how you can do it in this post.

Moreover, if you think that your efforts aren’t enough, you can always tap any professional for help like KKC Outsourcing.


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