These 4 Office Items Consume More Energy Than You Think


Everyone wants to go home and relax after the end of a workday. Despite that sentiment, employees should check if they have turned off all appliances before leaving the office. At a time when inflation is king, energy bills continue to increase. It is important that employees conserve energy as much as possible in the office. They should also be on the lookout for objects that consume more energy than others. Take note of how everyone uses these four office items, and do your part in conserving energy.

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Air conditioner

It is customary that everyone turns off the air conditioner when not in use. But that is not enough. When it is on, make sure that there are no air gaps in the room so that air does not go out. Instead of the room getting cold easily, it will take time because of these tiny cracks. The same goes for open doors or windows. Use energy management systems to help in decreasing energy consumption. For example, a timer helps by limiting the hours the air conditioner is in use. It does not have to be on for the whole day, but only when needed.


Check if the light bulbs in the office are LEDs instead of CFLs. They are more energy-efficient and are more affordable than ever. If there is an automatic shut-off setting for the lights, take advantage of that. The best way to conserve energy is to use daylight as much as possible. Use light bulbs only when necessary.

Computers, printers, and other similar devices

Shutting down these devices when not required is already a given, but you can do more. When the computer or laptop is not in use for a moment, put it in sleep mode. Make use of the energy-saving options as well, which newer models have. Going paperless is also a great move, so use printers only when projects require a hard copy. There is a reason why cloud storage is popular these days. Not using paper is not only good for conserving energy, but also for the environment.

Kitchen appliances

The kitchen is probably one of the most visited areas in the office. The tap can also affect the energy bill too, so make sure it is not running or has a leak. Leave a small space between the fridge and the plug so it will not overheat. Do not overload the kettle or coffee maker so it does not use more energy than required.

Lastly, unplug all appliances when not in use, especially over the weekend.


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