The Best Manchester Attractions to See When You are Away from the Office


Manchester is such a beautiful city and definitely makes for the best place to go on a vacation. After spending so much of your time in the office working, any person will want a place where they can unwind and rejuvenate. Well, look no further, Manchester has a lot to offer. At the end of your vacation you will find yourself wanting to visit this city next time you are on your vacation. Here are the top Manchester attractions that should be on your priority list;

Museum of science and industry

The museum of science and industry is such a fascinating place to visit. At this place which is also the oldest railroad station, many discoveries and invention were made that made a great impact on the lives of people in England. All that you will see here will leave you in awe. Start your tour at the power hall. It has the water and steam driven trains that will take you back in time. Don’t forget to wander through the air and space gallery where there are many historical aircrafts including the first plane to fly successfully.

National football museum

This is a site that should not miss on your bucket list. We all know that Manchester is a city-home to the two of the top and famous football teams namely man city and man united. How then can you visit this great city and fail to stop at the national football museum. Everything that you will find in this museum is related to the great sport of football. There is the first rule book, historic football clothing and trophies. There are also fun activities that you can engage in while at this site. Spare some time and go on a tour to one of the stadiums that belong to any of the home teams.

China town

Chinatown is a place where you get to have a feel of the Chinese culture while in Britain. It is actually a home to the largest Chinese community in Britain. One thing that you will find awe inspiring in this district is simply how colorful and nicely decorated it is. It is definitely a place that you will love to spend some time enjoying yourself. There is a string of restaurants that serve mouthwatering cuisines from the Chinese culture. If you want a souvenir to take back home pass by the center for contemporary Chinese art. Here you will find various Chinese artworks and handcrafts.

Chethams library

Those people who love books will be delighted to visit this place. Nevertheless, even if you are not into books this is a site worth visiting. It among the oldest libraries in England and some people believe that it is haunted.  Well, if you walk through the library yourself you might find yourself starting to believe this myth too. Some of the books that are in this library date back as far as 1850.


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