What Do I Need to Apply for a Title Loan in Michigan?


Learn More About What You Need to Apply for a Title Loan in Michigan!

As with any type of funding, car title loans have some requirements that borrowers must meet before they can be approved. If you submit documents during the loan approval process, you will be closer to getting approved, as it will determine whether your collateral and income qualify! These types of secured loans require monetary equity in an asset to back funding and ownership as well as financial standing of the asset must be verified, as well as the identity of the owner, so naturally these things need to be reviewed by a qualified agent in order to be approved.

Read below to learn more about the documents you need to apply for Michigan title loans!

What Documents Do I Need to Qualify for a Car Title Loan in Michigan?

While some loan options require complex documentation, you wouldn’t have to worry about that with an auto title loan. In fact, the documents you need for this qualification may be already in your house, car, or mailbox!

This paperwork helps a title loan lender or provider to verify your information and vehicle ownership. Once you collect your documents, you may have to submit them in the mail or in person; however, some title loan lenders or providers could allow you to upload them online! Ask your local lender if you have that option available.

If you’re on the line with them, you can ask if Michigan requires additional documents, but you can expect to turn in the following paperwork:

  • Your Vehicle’s Title: The car title must be in your name to qualify for funding.
  • Proof of Income: You can prove your ability to repay title loans by demonstrating an alternative source of income. These can be paystubs, pension income, Social Security/Supplemental Security Income, retirement income, worker’s compensation, or even a letter of employment from your employer.
  • A Valid, Government/State-Issued Identification: That could include your passport, driver’s license, or another certified state identification card.
  • Proof of Michigan Address: You can prove your residency by demonstrating a rental lease, recent credit card statement, utility bill, or tax return.
  • References: Borrowers can provide personal or professional contacts to their title loan lender.

Be aware that you can move on to the final step in the title loan process when you submit your necessary documents. Contact your lender or provider if you’re still wondering, “What documents do I need to apply for a title loan in Michigan?”

What are the Requirements for an Auto Title Loan in Michigan?

The requirements for a Michigan car title loan can be simple to meet. A title loan has a more streamlined process than traditional loans, and borrowers are often able to meet the initial qualifications with ease.

Take a look at the requirements you must satisfy to obtain a title loan:

  • Borrowers Must Possess the Ability to Pay Off Auto Title Loans in Michigan
  • Borrowers Must Have a Title to a Qualifying Vehicle in Their Name
  • Borrowers Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older to Apply

It takes no time to determine if you qualify for the funds you need for an emergency! If you satisfy the initial requirements, you could receive quick funding as soon as the next business day!

Once You Have All the Documents You Need to Apply for a Title Loan in Michigan, Here Are a Few Ways to Spend Your Money

Everyone has a different financial situation and struggles. If you’re down on your luck financially, a car title loan may be the perfect solution to help you get back on your feet.

When you gather all the documents you need for an auto title loan in Michigan, you may wonder what you can use your cash for.

While your financial situation may be different than another borrower’s, there are a few typical ways you can spend your funds after approval:

  • Cover the Cost of an Unexpected Bill or Expense
  • Consolidate Credit Card Debt
  • Pay for a Wedding
  • Cover Travel Expenses
  • Pay for Medical Bills, Veterinarian Bills, or Surgery Costs

There are many to spend your title loan proceeds! Don’t hesitate to contact your title loan lender or provider if you have questions about what you can use your money on.

Do you feel like a car title loan is right for you? It could be simple to obtain once you have the documents on hand! If your title loan provider has an online method, you could upload your documents via email or fax! If you qualify for funding, you could get your cash in no time at all!

Contact your title loan lender if you have questions about documentation. If you feel confident about that qualification, you can apply for a title loan in Michigan!


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