Some Necessary Things that all iPhone App Developers Must Know


The Apple iPhone is getting immensely popular with users for its lightening fast and efficient performance backed by a highly intuitive user interface. The iPhone applications extend the capabilities of the device, serving a large number of purposes. A large number of iPhone applications are available on the App Store, catering to diversified needs of users and businesses. With the rapidly increasing use of iPhones, the demand for their applications is also rising. Companies always look for highly skilled and efficient app developers having both expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the platform, latest tools, and development process and procedures.

Given below are some essential things that each and every developer must be aware of, for creating effective iPhone applications-

A developer must have profound knowledge and proficiency, particularly in Objective-C, which is the principal programming language, utilized for developing these applications by a large number of iphone app development companies. They must have the competence and capability in working with Swift which is the most recent programming language invented to replace Objective-C.

It is also important for the developers’ community to have good knowledge of Xcode, which is Apple’s exclusive Integrated Development Environment (IDE). They must have proven expertise in Cocoa Touch, Apple’s UI mechanism as well as sound working knowledge of UIKit. Having knowledge about the latest iOS SDK is, to the same degree, important to develop a native iOS application.

A developer must have sound knowledge of complete iOS frameworks, providing interfaces and working as the main building blocks for creating these apps. Some of these frameworks include Cloud Kit, Core Graphics, Core Data, Web Kit and more.

It may be a good practice for professional app developers to write absolutely neat and clean code. Sometimes, they might be in the need of referring or going back to old codes that makes it highly important for the developers to write reusable codes. They can also think of writing comments or notes for future references.

Developers should also know how to use well the source control. It helps very effectively in keeping a track of different versions and modifications carried out in the code. It also permits to make checkpoints and can save developers from getting into any problem by helping them in getting back to the working the required application. Any ios developer company should have vast knowledge and prove expertise in adding third-party libraries and working with different APIs.

Last but not the least important factor for developers is that they must have sound working knowledge of the Interface Builder which is an essential part of Xcode which simplifies the designing of UI with no requirement of coding.


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