Five occasions to vape


With cigarettes increasingly taboo and bongs not to everyone’s liking, vaping is becoming very popular in many parts of the world. From Australia to South Africa and the United States of America to England, people are vaping more and more each day, week and month. But, sometimes, if not often, it’s good to know when it’s good to vape and not good to vape. Sometimes it’s just common courtesy not to do so, while other times the opportunity to do so is most definitely evident.

In private

The most straightforward option is to vape in the privacy of your own home or room. With nobody else around to potentially offend or who wants to maybe share in your vape, you and your vapour can just be together. It will offer you solace and alone time in this busy world we live in. It will offer you the chance to just be – and steel your thoughts for the next day or the day ahead. Your vape can have a cool, calming effect – and it is important to explore these sorts of capabilities.

In public

If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne, Canberra or Darwin, you will want know what pax vape Australia has on offer. The model is becoming quite a popular one, among yuppies and hipsters alike, So you can use it out in the public. Some places don’t always permit it, but those that do are going to benefit from more foot traffic and greater revenue. You and the company you keep will be part and parcel of this. It’s a collective affair, really, and vaping is becoming a crowd activity of sorts, particularly if each and all of the members of that small or big crowd are all vaping, without one or two not doing so.

At family gatherings

While older mothers and fathers might turn their noses up at the thought, and unless it is absolutely forbidden in the home you are standing or sitting in, vaping can be a welcome activity when the family is gathered. There is something quite inviting about brothers and sisters, or any combination of siblings, enjoying some sweet vapour together. That is kind of what used to happen with regular cigarettes anyway, but now it’s just more allowed and certainly healthier.

At the workplace

Sometimes jobs are stressful. Sometimes you don’t really enjoy what you do from nine to five – and long for the weekends. Well, vaping isn’t quite a cure for this, but can definitely help you get through some of those longer days. Taking a break, or a couple of breaks, every now and then, is okay. Pull into the designated area and vape a bit. Do it by yourself or with some like-minded colleagues, who might also be struggling through the various difficulties of the day. Why you might even see your boss wanting to vape. Vaping, indeed, can unite people of all sorts of pay grades and education levels. This kind of thing is so good for social vibes and the community of the workplace.


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