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MyUKmailbox is a parcel forwarding service that is globally available for everyone around the world. Its basic job is to receive your mail/parcel from one end and forward it further to the end-user. It is an intermediary/middleman kind of a service. It mainly aims at cutting down your total shipment costs and import costs. It assists you purchase products online internationally or even send something that you have bought locally. MyUKmailbox is the best choice if you’re looking for a re-shipment company or website.

Steps involved in the re-shipment process:

We all would love to buy products from online stores in UK, wouldn’t we? But the shipment and import rates just kill the desire deep inside. This is where MyUKmailbox comes to your rescue. It comes in the middle as a savior. Your location is the root cause of the increase in the prices of the shipment. To avoid that, MyUKmailbox offers parcel forwarding.

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  • After you subscribe for MyUKmailbox, you will get your own suite number in a warehouse owned by myUKmailbox, in UK. The suite number is unique.
  • After you have chosen your product and placed your order, the next step occurs in the warehouse. Your product is delivered at the warehouse after which a photograph is clicked and sent to your email ID. After this, all the individual products that you ordered are put into a single package and accumulated in a single shipment to cut down your costs.
  • For instance, if you want to order from various websites like eBay, Amazon etc, then all these products are placed in a single shipment and forwarded to the end user as a sole package. This is an effective method to make the final cost nominal.

In detail, this process has a lot of steps. Once you’ve created your account, you can track the location and progress of your shipment. You can do so by logging in from your account. You will have a unique username and password. myUKmailbox takes special care while dealing with product packaging and consolidation. Labeling is done neatly and carefully. Documents such as invoice, address labels, bills related to shipment and airway are attached along with the package. This makes sure that the shipment is delivered without any delay whatsoever. The invoice and the other attached documents are also scanned and sent to the receiver via email. The customs department is clearly instructed to ensure safe delivery of products. The products need to be delivered through trustworthy middlemen.

Note: International freight forwarding service starts at $11.50. 10% discount will be offered on the next order if you recommend this service to someone else.

The website comprises of all the details including the telephone number, address etc. If you have any queries regarding your product or tracking or even the company, then you can use the website to let the company officials know your issue. Your issues will be dealt with promptly.

According to a lot of customers, myUKmailbox’s service seems to be extremely pleasant and up to the mark. A lot of customers are truly impressed by the service that is provided by myUKmailbox. Moreover, these services are offered at an economic and ideal price. The customer service team has received a lot of appreciation owing to their sincerity, respect, hard work and dedication. They are quite honest and they are good at maintaining deadlines. These are few aspects which put myUKmailbox on the top of the list.

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The plan and pricing schemes are of three types, Starter pack, Standard pack and Premium pack. The Starter plan is apt for one-time usage or when you order just one single product. The standard plan works well for casual shoppers who order more than one single product. It’s suitable for multiple freight shipments. Premium plan works well for people who shop more often and also for business customers.

Services explained further:

  • Parcel forwarding: Freight forwarding assists customers to import or buy products from international areas, especially UK. You will hence be able to have all the products you want, at a much cheaper price than normal. You will also have your own unique UK street address. This service leads to you receiving your packages from Royal Mail, DHL etc.
  • Photo and mailing service: MyUKmailbox, along with freight forwarding also features photo service. You will receive an email with photos of high quality which will show you what your product looks like. Not just the photos are emailed, but even important documents like invoice are scanned and mailed to you at the earliest possible.
  • Address book: This service is restricted to only the premium members. Under this service, users can have more than one address that can be used to gift their near and dear ones with goodies from UK!
  • There are various other services like supermarket shopping, free storage and tracking etc. In fact, your package could also be insured under reasonable conditions or request. This service is open to both premium and standard members.
  • You also get the benefit of unusually huge or big products being delivered through air and shipment service. It proves to be a cost-cutting method.
  • BuyForMe service is open to people whose billing locations are not accepted by the company from where products are bought (Mostly online). If you order anything from outside of UK, MyUKmailbox still takes delivery and forwards it to you.

Go ahead and check out the blog on the official website of MyUKmailbox! You will end up getting a lot of suggestions and ideas regarding what to buy and what not to. It might also share some shopping expertise with you. All these aspects make myUKmailbox the best freight forwarding company.


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