Motorhome Holiday in Italy: Top 5 Places to Visit


There are few countries are beautiful as Italy. It is the perfect place to explore on a family holiday with many fantastic places throughout the country to experience. A motorhome holiday in Italy will allow you to explore this stunning country and enjoy home comforts along the way. Here are a few must-visit places.

1. Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast in southern Italy features breathtaking, postcard-like scenery which has to be seen to truly appreciate. There are a handful of charming towns to explore in this area, including Amalfi, Positano and Minori. Taking your motorhome here and exploring the towns, relaxing on the small beaches and visiting the many vineyards will be a wonderful experience here.

2. Naples

Further along on the western coast of southern Italy is Naples which is an important cultural, historic and economic part of the country. It is a stone’s throw from the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum which are certainly worth visiting during your trip here. Naples also features important art and architecture which dates back to the 2nd millennium B.C.

3. Turin

To the north of Italy, you will find the beautiful city of Turin which features striking baroque architecture, grand squares, inviting coffee shops and a relaxed way of life. Turin is also within touching distance of the Alps if you want to enjoy winter sports on your motorhome holiday.

4. The Dolomites

Nature lovers will adore the Dolomites in northeastern Italy which are a popular mountain range and a great spot for skiing, hiking and cycling. The scenery here is breathtakingly beautiful and a great place to explore while on a motorhome vacation to Italy.

5. Rome

No trip to Italy is complete without a trip to the capital and historic city of Rome. It is a city world-famous for its art, architecture and culture as well as many incredible ancient ruins which show the power of the Roman Empire. Vatican City is another must-visit as the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and an incredibly unique and interesting destination.

Securing Your Motorhome

Before setting off on your vacation you need to make sure that your motorhome is secure and ready to take abroad. You need to make sure that it is in good working order with no repairs carried out and you need to obtain the necessary paperwork to drive in Europe. Additionally, it is worth investing in GAP insurance which will provide protection if the motorhome were to be written off during your trip.

Italy is one of the most beautiful, historic and cultural destinations on the planet. With so much beauty throughout the land to discover, a motorhome holiday is a fantastic way to explore Italy and the above are a few of the best places to visit during your stay.


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