3 Common Mistakes with App Development to Avoid for Businesses


It’s official: we’re living in an app world.

Want to buy some groceries? Fetch your phone, swipe the screen, and find a grocery delivery app. Want to withdraw some money from your bank account? Just find your bank’s mobile.

You can perform virtually every function digitally.

As a business owner, it’s clear your business needs to join the digital revolution or miss out. It’s certainly for this reason you’re now looking into react native app development services to develop a business app.

That’s a smart move, but there are mistakes with app development you need to avoid at all costs. If you don’t, you could end up wasting a lot of time and money and even losing customers.

Continue reading to learn about these mistakes.

1Developing an App When You Don’t Need One – Yet

Ok, we know this might sound confusing, but hear us out.

We’ve already told you that in the modern world, you better have a business app or lose out. Well, this is true, but not every business app needs an app – at least not immediately.

There are some business models that don’t rely on app technology to get things going. For instance, let’s say you run a funeral home. Ever heard of anyone who keeps a funeral home app on their phone?

As such, it’s important to evaluate your business model and operations and establish whether there’s a real need for an app. Study consumer behavior and find out how their consumption habits are evolving.

If you establish that an app isn’t necessary, don’t develop it – at least not yet. You might think that having an app makes your business look cool and tech-forward, but as we have seen from the example of a funeral home, sometimes you’re better off without it.

2DIY – Develop It Yourself

Here’s the thing: there are businesses that don’t need apps, but those are few and far between. The vast majority do need an app.

So, if you’ve figured out that your business isn’t one of the few that don’t need an app, the next step is to start developing it.

In which case, don’t DIY!

Sure, it’s understandable that developing the best business app can cost a lot of money and your business is on a shoestring budget, but it’s vital that you hire a professional to do the job. Trust us. It’ll be worth the investment.

A professional app developer doesn’t just know how to code. They know how to assess your needs and build an app that meets those exact needs.

In fact, sometimes you might not need to develop your own custom app. A professional can advise you on existing apps you can use for various tasks. If you need an app for tracking due diligence field exams, why develop your own while Microsoft has a PowerApps solution for that task?

3Failing to Market Your Business App

Alright. Your app is ready and live on various mobile app platforms.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to be downloading it.

Well, that’s because you haven’t marketed your app to your customers. They aren’t going to magically find it and download it, especially considering app stores have millions of apps.

Mistakes with App Development You Must Avoid

A business app is a handy digital tool. It can elevate your brand, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your sales. However, there are mistakes with app development you must avoid if you want your app to give you these benefits.

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