Want to Make Your Business Premises More Secure? Start by Implementing These 3 Things


It is always important to know who is coming in and out of your business premises throughout the day and night and having the right security protocols and protection measures in place will help to ensure your site remains as secure as possible.

You can use a visitor management system to help you keep track of visitors and employees and a review of your property protection procedures should also help you identify what needs to be done to beef up the security of your premises.

Here are three key pointers to consider.

It starts with a risk assessment

You really can’t expect to achieve a good level of security without conducting a comprehensive review of your current measures and procedures to see if they are up to the required standard.

This means carrying out a check of many different aspects of security that all have an impact on the safety and integrity of your building and the property and people within it.

Take a walk around the external boundary of the building and then continue your assessment inside, trying to take a third-party view of the current security measures so that you can form an independent opinion of what needs to change.

Typical issues to look out for would be a lack of security lighting outside, leading to black spots that an intruder could take advantage of and the safety of people using the building if the lighting is not adequate enough.

It can sometimes help to get a professional opinion on your security setup to see what needs to change.

Identify all staff and visitors using the building

A good visitor management system can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your premises and data secure.

You really do need to know your staff and your visitors, which is why it is often essential to have a record who is in the building at any given point.

Don’t just focus on physical security

It is increasingly common to hear of businesses being compromised by cybercrime issues and you need to ensure that your business premises and computer systems are not vulnerable to an online attack.

It often pays to invest in robust firewall and anti-virus technology and it is essential that you have a backup system in place that will allow you to restore files and valuable data as and when you need to.

It is often prudent to make use of a cloud-based backup facility so that your data is backed up securely and safely away from the premises, allowing you the chance to recover with minimal disruption.

The best advice would be to take a worst-case scenario approach to security measures as it is always better to have more layers of protection in place than leaving your business and premises vulnerable in any way.

If you want to make your business premises more secure that involves looking at the outside and inside of the building and everything that goes on inside it as well.


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