Buyer’s Guide: 3 Things to Keep in Mind About Pharmacy Filling Machines


Pharmacy automation could revolutionize the healthcare field and give patients quicker access to their prescriptions. Automation offers faster services, convenience, and accuracy for pharmacies. The products could streamline how pharmacies serve customers and take some of the burdens off overworked employees. Reviewing the three things to keep in mind about pharmacy filling machines shows pharmacies and hospitals why the machines are a great investment.

1Fills the Prescriptions Faster

Filling the prescriptions faster gives the patients access to their medications at an accelerated rate and enables the pharmacy to provide services to a larger client base. These opportunities increase the sales volumes for pharmacies and maximize their profits. A vial filling machine, for example, fills vile according to the settings entered into the interface. The preprogrammed prescriptions make it easier for the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions faster without making customers wait a long time for their medications. The machines make the process more efficient and lower the risk that the medication won’t be the right potency or dosage. The machine gets it right every time.

It is also helpful to use automated systems during busy times such as flu season when there are more patients waiting for prescriptions. The reduction of time needed to fill the prescriptions can reduce the amount of exposure to flu viruses for the other patients and keep them healthier. Reviewing options for faster prescription filling can present the pharmacy with extraordinary benefits and save them time and money.

2Gets Medication to Patients in the Hospital When They Need It

Getting medication to patients in a hospital setting when they need it could mean the difference between life and death. Too often in a hospital pharmacy, the pharmacist and the techs face higher volumes of prescriptions each day and must provide medication at a faster rate. Unfortunately, when the workers are under a lot of pressure, there is more room for error and could increase the risk of giving the patients the wrong medication at the wrong dosage.

Using automation can lower these risks in a hospital pharmacy and prevent medical malpractice cases. Automation speeds the process along and gives patients their medication faster. It can also ensure that the right medication is dispensed in the right dosage. The dispensing machines are programmed to dispense the medication according to the information entered into the interface. It lowers the risk of errors.

3Mixes Medications Faster and More Accurately

Mixing medications faster and more accurately lower patient injuries and keep them safer. The mixture requirements are programmed into the dispensing machines, and the medications are added by the machines. The consistency is evaluated before the liquid mixtures are placed in the medication bottles. The automated system applies labels onto the medication bottles according to the prescription orders. The robotic features package the medication for the customers and place the prescriptions where customer service reps can give the packages to their customers.

Pharmacy automation presents new ways of filling prescriptions and taking some of the stress of workers. The automated systems fill prescriptions through robotic features that measure liquid medications and mix them appropriately. The machines also dispense pills according to the patient’s prescription and keep narcotic medications more secure in a pharmacy setting. Reviewing the benefits of automated pharmacy equipment shows hospitals and private pharmacies why the equipment is a great investment.


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