Make Your Business Premises More Inviting


Your premises have a major impact on how customers or clients perceive your business. Poorly maintained frontage or dilapidated surroundings will dissuade people from walking through the door and cost you a significant amount of custom.

With the right modifications and maintenance, however, you can ensure your premises are welcoming and professional. To acquire more customers today, take a look at these simple ways to enhance your business premises now:

1Litter and rubbish clearance

Whether your premises are situated on a high street or in an industrial park, litter is going to be an issue. Sadly, people are less fussy about using public bins to dispose of unwanted wrappers, bags and receipts, which means they accumulate on the street. Although the local council are likely responsible for rubbish clearance, waiting for local services to deal with the issue could have a negative impact on your business.

Taking a proactive approach and clearing the litter that surrounds your business will make a huge impact on how your premises look. While it might be a task you have to undertake on a regular basis, it’s well worth doing.

2Pest control

Pests affect both commercial and residential properties, but they can be particularly problematic for businesses. Industrial environments can be ideal for pests to run riot, particularly if they’re not in use overnight when many pests are more active.

Seek professional advice before implementing a pest control strategy and ensure you’re using the most effective methods to discourage pests from entering your property. Remember – it isn’t just rodents you need to be aware of. Birds can cause substantial damage to commercial properties but solutions, like an anti-bird spike system, can resolve the problem quickly and effectively.

3Sufficient lighting

The right exterior lighting helps to showcase your premises at their best. Additionally, it will help new customers to locate your premises and identify your company on their first visit. Even if your premises aren’t open during the evening or overnight, 24-hour lighting can help to increase brand awareness and let your target audience know exactly where you are.

There are numerous options when it comes to exterior commercial lighting. Recessed lights, floodlights, spotlights and lanterns can all be used to highlight your company name and showcase your branding. Similarly, channel letters can be a great way to grab peoples’ attention and pinpoint your location.

4Hard landscaping

Hard landscaping involves using materials, such as patio paving, paths, steps, walls and gravel to enhance your surroundings. As hard landscaping requires minimal maintenance, it’s the perfect choice for business premises. If you want to incorporate some greenery into the area surrounding the entrance to your premises, artificial plants offer a realistic and hassle-free alternative to natural shrubs.

If you don’t have any experience with landscaping, it’s well worth consulting a professional firm. As well as undertaking the work, a professional landscaper can help you to design the exterior of your premises and create surroundings that will welcome customers and clients, while being cost-effective and simple to maintain.

5Canopies and awnings

Adding a canopy or an awning to the entrance of your commercial property gives you the opportunity to make your premises more inviting whilst also showcasing your branding. Using your company colours, a canopy can display your logo or business name, as well as your contact details.

Of course, canopies and awnings have important practical benefits too. Giving customers protection from poor weather, they can make people more likely to visit your premises when it’s raining, windy or if the sun is too hot. This is particularly relevant to businesses that invite customers to sit inside for extended periods, like cafes, bars and restaurants. By adding a canopy or awning, you can incorporate outdoor seating into your floorplan and cater for more customers at once.

Making the Most of Your Surroundings 

When you choose your business premises, your target audience will be at the forefront of your mind. Is the location easily accessible? How far will people be willing to travel? Is it easy to park? Are there public transport routes nearby? Amongst the numerous issues you’ll need to address is how much control you’ll have over the frontage of your property.

If you’re renting a commercial property, for example, you’ll want to discuss this with the building owners before signing a lease. Even if you plan on buying your premises, there may be regulations that are applicable to the street, industrial park or mall where you’re housed. By considering what changes you’ll be allowed to make when selecting your premises, you can ensure that you’ll have the freedom to make your business inviting and welcoming to customers or clients.


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