Learn Video Editing Basics In Just 15 Minutes: The Complete Beginner’s Guide


Learn Video Editing Basics: Creating video content and posting it online either for a channel on Social Media platforms or for marketing strategies has seen a hike in recent years. If you are a beginner and want to pursue a career in digital marketing, learning the basics of video-making is of the essence. It’s a perfect time to learn the craft of editing with simple tricks in just a few minutes. In this article, we discuss some basics about video editing and guide you get started in the field and to know various marketing strategies through video editing in just some easy steps. So, let’s get started.


One of the most important things to create a perfect video is to have an idea for your video-making project ready. There are millions of people out there who watch and share videos day and night, and you do not want to copy content and then post it online. As a beginner, you have to make sure you know what topics your videos are going to be around and what type of audience you want to target. Your primary focus should be on a single project at a time to boost your start. Know the demands of the audience and things that are in trend, which will help you get recognized quickly.

Selecting your tool

There are thousands of offline and online tools out there. For a beginner, it is generally not required to have a paid software. You can also start with a free tool to learn the basics first then get yourself a paid one. Choose software that you are comfortable with and one which you can access anytime anywhere from your PC, mobile or tablet. Adobe, Filmora, Video Creek, etc. are some of the softwares that are fully packed with features which can meet your requirements and are supported on multiple platforms.


One of the important things in video editing is creativity. You have to be creative and add uniqueness to your videos to get early recognition in the field of marketing. People love to see new content in an attractive, easy and informative way. Use multiple colour formats on your videos as colours tend to attract people more, which helps lighten up the mood. Add creative short intros before your videos to let people know what they are viewing. You can also add catchy thumbnails for platforms like YouTube to create suspense amongst people who will compel them to click your videos. There are various Youtube video editors which can help you make that.  If humour is your forte, then go for jokes as captions or improvise.

Quality content

Focus on providing your best to the people – this is the most crucial part. This way, you will develop a genuine audience which can help you to boost your channel and also generate revenues. Use high-quality images and videos for editing. It is essential to know the formats of the images or videos that your platform supports onto which you are uploading. If you are doubtful about that, you can always choose HD images or an MP4 format for a video which most of the mainstream websites support.

Sound effect

For a perfect video, it is necessary to add a sound effect because a video without a sound can get boring. Choose a track that suits your video and is of high quality or HD. You can also add your soundtrack or voice over to make your videos look cool and let others understand what is going on. Adding a sound to videos can be entertaining and attract the audience. Make sure the sound matches the tempo and theme of your video. If the message you’re sending out is subtle, consider adding neutral tunes.


It is always great to create a masterpiece from scratch. There are multiple tutorials online that can help you get started in the field of editing. You must include raw footage either by shooting something or add footage from online that shows the originality of your content. There are various resources available online video editors which come for free, or you can join a paid subscription plan. For a beginner, it is advised to learn the basics first and then advance to improve your skills, either learning through your own via software or learning online.


After learning and developing the required knowledge and skills in video editing, it’s time to learn the marketing strategies to generate growth and develop an audience and build a skill to engage your audience in. Doing this will help you get an idea of the needs of people. Email them your videos and read all the feedback and improve accordingly. Upload videos on your landing page which are not already posted online. This helps to increase the conversion rate.

Remember – more content means more viewers. Ads in a video can be helpful and can help you make some extra income. Millions of videos are watched online every day. So, after creating an audience, allow them to share your videos on multiple platforms. Be open to suggestions and improvements!


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