The Golden Rules of Moving a House


There is no doubt that moving is a complicated process and most of us who have moved ones, may rate it as one of the toughest phase they have ever gone through. As the emotional burned n leaving a place that you have called home for so long wasn’t enough, moving exposes you to extreme physical and mental stress which often takes a toll over our sanity.

The trusted moving companies associated with Pricing Van Lines, a platform dedicated to offer credible moving services and advise to the customers, state that most of the people fail to take charge of their moving process and hence undergo a lot of trauma. From stress to nervousness and feeling of losing it, there are a lot of phases of the moving process that makes it more complicated when not handled properly.

Luckily, the experts further state that there are some Golden Rules of moving a house, which helps in reducing the stress related with the moving process, significantly. In this post, we have compiled the list of the 5 golden rules of moving a house:

Plan ahead for the move

Do not sit ideal after getting the news of the move. As soon as you know that you have to move, start planning for the moving day. Know what all you will have to do, start searching for the best moving companies, make plans for the kids and pets, collect your paperwork, and craft a complete timeline from the day till the moving date.

If you can afford, hire professional movers

You might try packing your items on your own to save money or simply because you think that it is an easy deal. Surprisingly, experts suggest that packing is one of the most crucial aspect of the moving process. If you do not get your stuff packed right, it is prone to damage. Professional movers know how to pack the items safely so that they do not get exposed to any damage or risk.

Buy Insurance

Moving from one place to another takes a lot of time and efforts. There are high chances that your belongings may sustain a damage all through the transit. Even if you hire the best moving company, the chances of breakage and manage are always there and hence you need a protective cover. Discuss the insurance with your moving service provider and if required buy an additional insurance.

Do not move on a weekend

Yes, moving on a weekend is the worst and most expensive decision you can make ever. Weekends are the only free time most of the working individuals get and hence weekend are loaded with work appointment for the moving companies. Moreover, the traffic on the roads is the thickest on weekends which again make moving services more expensive on weekends. If you hire a moving company for the weekdays, you can easily negotiate for a discount as well.

Work on your moving inventory

Saving some money on the move is what we all desire for. If you are able to move to a new place without burning a hole in your pocket it will be an added advantage as you can use the extra money in settling in the new place. One of the best way to save money and also travel easily is to have limited inventory with you. If you sort your inventory beforehand, you can easily compress the size and negotiate with the movers.

Compare before you hire

Never ever hire the first mover you come across. Also, do not get lured to the cheapest quote which appears as unreasonable. These are the two most common mistakes that people do while searching for a moving company. Instead, you must evaluate all the options in hand, get moving quotes from more than three movers, compare them and finally choose the most affordable quote.

Get written confirmation

Once you have finalized the moving company, make sure you get every term discussed between you in writing. Ask the moving company for a moving contract and before signing the black line, read it carefully. If there is any term or condition that you find hard to understand or ambiguous, make sure you get it changed.

Have a plan for the next day after the move

While most of the people plan for a successful move, they forget to outline what the next day after the move would be like. You should know how to prepare for a long distance move, as well as what to do after you have moved successfully.

These are the golden rules that help you make your house move a complete success. Moving a house indeed is a tough process, however, with a little planning and efficiency, you can easily take the stress out of the process and enjoy the transition.


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