How a Lawyer Can Help You Fight Nursing Home Abuse


It’s not far from the truth to say that elder abuse in nursing homes is an epidemic. According to research, as many as one in ten elders over the age of 60 have suffered abuse.

In other words, if your loved one has suffered mistreatment or injury at the hands of a nursing home, you’re far from alone. This situation is tragic and appalling, and it’s made even more difficult if you decide to file a claim.

If you’re considering fighting this type of abuse, a nursing home abuse lawyer can help make your case a success in this troubling time. Here are three reasons why you should consider hiring one.

1Gathering Evidence

For your nursing home abuse case to succeed, you’ll need to provide solid evidence. This evidence will have to prove several things:

  • The nursing home owed the resident a certain degree of care
  • The nursing home did not provide this degree of care
  • The resident suffered mistreatment, injury, or other damages as a result

The supporting evidence can come from a variety of sources and documents, but overlooking the wrong piece of information can make it hard to get a fair settlement.

Your attorney will understand which pieces of evidence will be vital to your case, and they can even offer helpful insights on how to gather and organize it. If you’re not sure where to find a good advocate, take a look here for a helpful resource.

2Objective Support and Knowledge

After a loved one has suffered mistreatment, it can be difficult to look at the situation objectively. Trying to fight nursing home abuse on your own, fraught with frustration and disbelief, can be a recipe for disaster.

That’s where your attorney comes in.

An attorney will understand the types of abuse in nursing homes, and they’ll know how to construct a case based on the mistreatment your loved one suffered. They’ll also be able to help contact the right parties and advocate on your behalf. Thanks to their experience with the legal regulations surrounding your claim, you can rest assured that they’ll help you take the objective best steps toward success.

3Give Your Claim a Fighting Chance

Unfortunately, it’s easy for people to jeopardize their own nursing home abuse cases by accident. This happens when they inadvertently post about the case on social media, fail to meet deadlines, or lack evidence of certain damages.

You may have found simple resources online to walk you through the next steps of your claim, but each nursing home abuse and neglect case is unique. The evidence and settlement amount you should expect will vary depending on the circumstances of the mistreatment.

Working with an attorney with experience in this area can give you a fighting chance as you file your claim, negotiate your settlement, and even commence your trial.

Contact a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Cases of nursing home abuse and neglect are prevalent in the US, but that doesn’t mean that your loved one deserves to suffer through it without recompense. If you’re thinking of filing a claim, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer. These experts can help your loved one get the justice they deserve and start the healing process.

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