What Is the Latest Solar Technology?


Solar energy is poised to change the world with 42% of American electricity projected to be renewable by 2050. To meet this ambitious goal the latest solar technology will need to become the status quo of the future.

Solar panels are growing more efficient by the year. Solar energy output increases and emerging solar technology will pave the way for our energy future.

The solar panel installation process is also getting cheaper and easier than ever before. Read on to find out all about the latest and greatest in solar technology.

Solar Pavement

Solar roads have been hit-and-miss across Europe in an experimental form. But the emerging technology of solar pavement could be a big hit here in America. This technology is already in place in test form on portions of Route 66.

You can expect a road that powers itself, has embedded LED lights, and has a defrost option for winter snow if this technology continues to improve.

Perovskites Panels

Perovskites are a classification of materials that resemble the natural mineral perovskite in their molecular composition. They are a lightweight, cheap and efficient alternative to conventional silicon-based panels.

They may soon replace silicon as the choice material for panel construction. Perovskites panels are more efficient and cheaper than silicon panels.

Flexible Stretchy Solar Panels

Imagine a solar-powered t-shirt that provides you with a personal air conditioning unit. Imagine solar-powered glasses that power an onboard computer and digital interface.

The science fiction of yesterday is becoming the reality of today. Flexible stretchy solar panels will have numerous applications for use in the future.

Improved Battery Technology

One of the oldest outstanding arguments against widespread solar energy usage is that battery technology lacks the potential for efficient storage.

With increases in battery technology in recent years, this limiting factor will be removed. With an increase in battery tech, solar and home value could both skyrocket as conventional energy prices climb.

Floating Solar Platforms

70% of the Earth’s surface is water. Most of the ocean is uninhabitable for humans and also gets a vast amount of sunlight. What better place than the ocean than to harvest solar energy?

Floating solar platforms could be the new normal for energy production. A prototype of one was recently launched. If it shows promise, more could follow in the future.

The Latest Solar Technology in Space

Solar panels have long played a role in space exploration. New state-of-the-art solar panels are much more efficient than their predecessors. Emerging technology also includes a space-based solar initiative.

This experimental concept involves harvesting solar in space, converting it into microwaves, and sending it back to a collection site to be stored and used on Earth.

Solar Is the Key to Our Energy Security

As the latest solar technology begins to hit markets worldwide, the future of energy production will never be the same. Solar power may be the key to saving humanity from its environmentally harmful ways.

Do some research and see what solar technologies are available to you as a homeowner using the info in this article. Decide when is best for you to make the solar switch.

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