How to Keep Your iPhone Running Like New


With the constant release of new iPhones, it can sometimes seem like you have to buy the newest model in order to have a phone that runs quickly and reliably.

Many people are content with their current model but find that their phone could use a bit of a tune-up in order to work like new again. Thankfully, you do not have to run out and buy the next model anytime they are released as long as you take care of the one that you have.

From ensuring that the body of the phone is safe from any cracks or dents to getting a new battery to make your battery life last as long as when you first brought it home, here are some tips to help you keep your old iPhone running like the latest models.

Get a Protective Case

Some of the most common problems that iPhone owners come across are caused by damage from either dropping the phone or knocking it into things.

With a protective case, the phone itself will receive little to none of the blow that is brought by dropping it from heights or slamming it onto a counter top. Many people think that they have to sacrifice style for protection, but this is not the case.

There are many brands that offer sleek and secure phone cases. Casely, for example, offers a protective and glamorous marble case for the iPhone in a variety of different colors.

Accidents happen and phones sometimes take a tumble, but with a protective case, you will not have to worry about how the fall will impact the efficiency of your phone.

Look into Getting a New Battery

Another common problem with the older iPhones is that their batteries tend to deteriorate over time. This means that often the battery will work perfectly in the beginning, but over time, it will begin to take longer to charge. And when it does get to 100%, it will not hold the charge for as long as it once did.

To solve this, it is not always necessary to buy a new phone; in fact, most of the time you can buy a new battery and it will fix this problem.

Free Up Storage Space

When it comes to making your phone faster, iCloud is your best friend. Deleting unused apps and moving old pictures, files, and music to the cloud will allow you to free up storage space.

iPhones work so much better when they have the ability to receive and use data without worrying about sending you the “Storage Full” notification every time you try to take a picture. Doing this will allow your iPhone to perform better.

Do Not Update Unless Necessary

Apple continuously comes out with new iOS updates, and while these updates are great for newer phones to which they are fine-tuned to, they can sometimes cause trouble in the older models.

If you find that your phone is working just fine how it is, do not update to the latest version of iOS, because it may cause your phone to work more slowly than it was originally.

Do not fall into the trap of buying the newest iPhones because you think it is the only way to get reliable and fast access to your phone.

The Bottom Line

As long as you take care of your iPhone and follow these easy tips for its maintenance, your iPhone will work as good as new. Whether you have an iPhone 4 or an iPhone X, you can always ensure that your model is the best it can be.


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