Many Chat Messenger Marketing Experts for Custom Automated Conversations


With the emergence of original marketing experiences and online Facebook advertising (and Google Ads, etc.), social media marketing has become a standardized necessity when it comes to any business trying to get extra revenue. But did you know that you don’t just have to rely on PPC (pay per click) advertising? You can literally give it a new twist with programs and chatbots like ManyChat, which offers users the ability to integrate chatbots with ads and more in order to create customized user experiences, and be able to answer questions which can completely be a marketing agent for you with proper “programming” without even know how to code at all.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to automation however, and that’s where Many Chat Messenger marketing experts come in – to teach you how to use Many Chat and get the most success from your chatbot.

The Courses

There are tons of courses and tutorials out there, but none that is completely tailored for you. Most of the time, the people on websites like YouTube create tutorials using their own scripts which doesn’t really help you. You may gain a little understanding on how the chatbot works, but you don’t see that they’re showing you how it worked for them. Not helping you be creative at all. The courses offered by experts at do just that, however.

The courses show you how to fully automate your chatbot, and help you learn how suggestive placement, animations, and more can all give your users a unique experience and make it feel like their responses are custom tailored just for them, which increases customer base and user experience without having to know how to really “program” a UX platform from scratch. This makes for a total profit and extremely positive ROI (return on investment).

What Do Chatbots Do?

Chatbots are excellent tools that have been made popular in today’s usage all around social media. Even on Facebook you may notice that a chatbot is integrated with a company’s Facebook page and automatically “asks you a question” when you sign in. When you type in a question, it responds by offering you advice, tips, recipes, whatever. And most importantly, it can even entice you to buy a product. Because of this, chatbots are being widely used by more and more businesses when it comes to company product suggestions. This is because they’re utilizing their chatbots to turn a good profit and in-turn, you, the customer gets the benefit of getting their product as well. Some chatbots have even been used to generate and give away things like Coupon codes and more. You may have seen similar chatbot applications also in websites such as, YouTube, Google+, and more.


You could spend fortunes on classes out there that are ridiculously overpriced, or you can enjoy the simple all-you-need-to-know courses that people like Smart Bot Marketers offers. Not only that, but some people don’t have actual experience using the smart bots, or even automation, but the marketing experts at Smartbot know all of these processes, as well as have an excellent course designed from people who actually know what they’re doing.


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