Skip the Classifieds! 12 Jobs That Are Hiring Now


As of March 2019, the reported unemployment rate was set at 7.3%. If you fall into this challenging percentage, chances are you are currently on the lookout for a great job that pays well. The good news is there are a number of jobs that are hiring now that are based in a wide variety of fields.

If you’re looking to find great jobs quickly, read on for more information on who’s currently hiring in which fields are set to be on the rise. You may just find your next career path.

Jobs That Are Hiring Now

The key to finding great jobs that are hiring now is looking into areas of the workforce that are currently growing or are expected to be on the rise.

This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to hold experience in this area either. For example, the current cannabis industry is set to hit 146.4 million dollars by the year 2025.

If you don’t have experience in cannabis per se but have experience in sales, you may be able to incorporate your experience by being a product salesman for a cannabis dispensary or product line.

The important thing here is to take advantage of the numerous growth opportunities that are currently available.

Personal Care Aides

Personal Care Aides are currently one of those the most dramatically growing job industries on the market. With 458,000 positions that need to be filled, the average personal care assistant will make about $20,000 per year.

Personal Care assistants can work in hospitals or in a person’s home, typically helping those who are disabled or elderly individuals that are unable to handle daily tasks themselves.

Food Prep and Serving Workers

As a number of restaurants and eating establishments continue to rise, so does the number of job opportunities associated with these businesses. There are currently over 340,000 jobs available in the food preparation industry, with an annual wage of $18,000 a year.

This may be a wise opportunity if you feel that you lacked the experience to get started in other areas, as most jobs in this business are set as entry-level.

Retail Salesperson

If you have a way with people, and a strong mind for memorizing facts about products, a job as a retail salesperson may be a strong fit for you.

Thanks to a steady climb in the economy there is a number of new stores that are open throughout the country, resulting in 314,000 retail jobs that need to be filled.

The average retail salesperson will earn roughly $20,000 per year, with higher expectations for those who can earn commission selling more expensive products.

Customer Service Representatives

With a growing number of new businesses popping up throughout the internet, many of these businesses need Hands-On customer service to help enhance their customer loyalty and overall brand approval.

In some cases these customer service representative can even work from home, making the job an even more flexible fit for anyone with a passion for helping others. You’ll find that customer service also tends to be an entry-level job, making it easier to access for those looking for employment right away.

The customer service industry is set to grow by over 250,000 additional jobs, with an average annual wage of over $30,000.

General and Operational Managers

If you have experience in managing businesses, stores, or other establishments you may find that a position as a general manager or operational manager is the right step for you.

General managers and operations managers must have a strong skill-set focused around enhancing employee morale, increasing profits, and keeping businesses organized as they grow.

It’s helpful if general managers and operational managers are flexible about where they work and live, as you may be assigned to different stores depending on where you’re needed.

It’s expected that over 150,000 general manager and operations manager job will be added within the next year, with the average job salary focused at around $90,000 annually.

Construction Worker

If you’ve always been a fan of completing construction jobs or simply love a more hands-on career choice, it’s smart to look into potentially working as a construction worker.

Whether it’s building houses or major commercial properties, there is an increased need for construction help resulting in over 140,000 new jobs in construction work this year.

Those working in construction can expect to earn an average of $30,000 per year.

Registered Nurses

It takes a special kind of intelligence, consistency, and love to be able to work as a nurse. If you feel that you have what it takes you may want to look into becoming a registered nurse as a career option.

It’s predicted that over 400,000 nursing jobs will be available within the next year, with average salaries around $60,000 annually.

While nursing may be the kind of career that requires additional schooling, it’s one investment that will surely pay off in the long run as the medical industry continues to grow.

Owner Operator Jobs

If you’re interested in the opportunity to work for yourself, you can always into the many potential owner operator jobs that allow you to be your own boss.

For example, working within transport can easily become your own business that can grow depending on the amount of time and energy you put into it.

Everything You Need to Know to Find a Career You Love

While it’s great to know about jobs that are hiring now, it’s important to find a career that’s within your passion as well.

If you’re still unsure of what area interests you the most, check out our business category for more blogs on launching your own small business.


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