7 Jobs That Can Surprisingly Be Done From Home


While remote working means that you can do your job from just about anywhere, the majority of remote workers decide to take their jobs on from the comfort of their own homes.

According to the remote working database Flexjobs, there has been a 159% increase in the amount of remote work over the last 12 years. That number is only expected to rise.

Many people think that their job is not remote-work eligible but as the coronavirus crisis is teaching us, many people are finding out they can continue their work, or part of it, from their kitchen table.

Let’s take a look at some of the surprising jobs that can be done remotely.

1Customer Service

While call centers and customer service areas often elicit mental images of thousands of people stuffed into a thousand cubicles, the truth is that many customer service jobs are done by people in their own homes.

Many businesses offer remote working options and jobs have a wide variety of titles, including:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Call Center Team lead
  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Member Services Specialist

Usually, all that’s needed is a strong internet connection, working computer, and a headset that can be purchased on Amazon for less than $20.


While parents are learning just how much that teachers put up with while on quarantine, many teachers have moved to remote teaching. While this may never replace in-classroom settings, there are plenty of places that hire remote teachers.

One of the most popular options is English teaching. Requirements are surprisingly low, as many times these companies only require you to be a native English speaker.

Companies like VIPKID, DaDa, Gogokid, 51Talk, and others hire on a consistent basis and pay pretty well, often over $20 an hour.


The funny people out there will say that remote construction jobs are just DIY projects or “honey-do” lists but there are real construction jobs that let you work from your home.

Many of these jobs revolve around managing projects or working with construction software. While you probably won’t be able to work 100% remotely and will need to visit the job site from time to time, much of your work can be done from a desk.

That means you can be handling anything from organizing vehicle rentals to modeling a new building for a client.

4Assistants and Secretaries

How can you be an assistant if you’re 1,000 miles away? Aren’t these types of jobs supposed to add a more personal touch?

While there are plenty of companies that would demand these positions to be carried out in-house, there are also plenty of companies looking for virtual assistants.

What does a virtual assistant do?

You’ll handle scheduling, receive client inquiries, direct emails, oversee a calendar, coordinate meetings, monitor reports, and be a central point of communication.

5Video Game Testers

While there are plenty of people around the world making money through platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, there are also areas where people can make money testing video games.

This work can vary greatly as some companies will hire you for the long run while others may bring you on for short-term projects and testing out new games.

Beware, though, as video testers don’t have the most glamorous jobs. You’ll often be in charge of looking for game-breaking bugs and loopholes, doing anything but enjoying the game.


Fans of the mid-2000s medical drama House may remember the episode where Dr. Gregory treated a patient thousands of miles away in Antarctica. While this may have seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime scenario, virtual doctors are making waves.

In fact, investors are pumping in more and more money to telemedicine as it becomes a viable solution in the fight against coronavirus.

This option won’t be available for all doctors, obviously, but can be a strong option for regular checkups and pediatricians.


Along the same line as doctors, there are more psychiatrists working remotely than ever before. This is especially helpful with those who struggle with anxiety or are in need of a reassuring voice.

Many psychiatrists may work as part of an outpatient center while others work independently. But there is becoming a growing need for psychiatrists who work remotely.


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