Interesting Hobbies and Why You Can Try Them


As kids, we always have plenty of hobbies to choose from. We keep shifting from one preference to another, and so do our hobbies. However, as growing students, you all must find out more productivity through hobbies.

Following are some interesting hobbies and benefits that we come along with. These hobbies are just not your usual indulgences, but activities that would give you positive outcome.

#1. Meditate

Everyone should meditate once a day. You might not think that it is a hobby, but when you put it in practice it would become one. Meditation helps you reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, strengthens immune system and makes you concentrate better.

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Meditating is a fun activity and you can simply lie down on your yoga mat and practice. You will have a fresher mind, a better mood and you would enjoy it.

#2. Grow something

From a pet to a tree, you should indulge in taking care of living beings. They might not have a way to thank you back, but when they grow or feel happy, you would know that you are bringing a difference to the world. It reduces stress, keeps you active and draws you closer to nature.

#3. Reacquaint with the kitchen

If you only go to the kitchen to grab some food from the fridge or to do the dishes, you should start making more use of the space. Try out cooking some meals, even if it is an easy-to-do option. Clean your fridge or your kitchen and make it look stain-free.

Making your house look better from any corner not only makes you feel content from within, but also adds positive vibes. Cooking at home is always a better alternative than to get food delivered from outside.

#4. Start reading a book

Most students don’t read books. Even if they like to read, they have shifted to gadgets to help them out. It is not advisable to be in front of the screen all the time. Reading a book not only keeps you rooted to the real deal but also sharpens your mind.


There are numerous ways reading can help, like acquiring more knowledge, knowing better grammar and having a better vocabulary. It boosts the brain power like working out gives to your body. Moreover, reading is known to reduce stress by 69%. You start having a better sleep, if you tend to read before you go to bed.

#5. Learn an instrument

Music is one of the best hobbies to indulge in. You would never regret learning an instrument or try out singing. It is great to know more about music and its genres. There are innumerable instruments that you could like, and they have a different language that you need to learn.

#6. Learn chess

Choosing games as hobbies is absolutely fine as long as they nurture the cognitive functions of your brain. Chess is one such game that you could try out. Players have to start utilizing the left hemisphere of their brain, as that deals with object recognition. They should then utilize the right hemisphere that deals with patterns.

Chess is an ideal game to rely on for improving these cognitive powers. This game will help you have better strategic thinking along with sharpening your memory.

#7. Learn dancing

If you are not someone who likes to exercise or hit the gym, you could opt for other ways to stay fit. Dancing is a great way to reduce stress, improve levels of serotonin, and get greater flexibility.

Dancing can help you nurture your cognitive activity, and this means it can help you become smarter. In an overall, it gives you positivity and helps you look at life at large.

#8. Do what you love

The hobby that you are interested in might not be any of the ones listed above. However, that doesn’t mean it will not be fruitful. If you are at 12th grade and you want to buy coloring books of 2nd grade, you might just color during your free time.

Hobbies don’t always have to give you technical benefits or keep you healthy. These can also make you feel positive and happy, and this is possible when you choose the ones you love to do.


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