How to Install Cartridges into HP Envy 5530?


HP printers have become a common household gadget due to their performance and multi-functional capabilities. This company has pioneered in the printing technology since its advent. These printers are easy to use and offer high-quality prints to the users. But to be aware of the steps to install ink cartridge is mandated if you own a printer like HP Envy 5530 ink.

Despite, being a familiar apparatus, most of the people are unable to replace or install cartridges into HP Envy 5530. They hesitate to overcome this daunting task of installing or replacing the ink cartridges.

Running out of ink can hamper your work productivity and to avoid such situations, here’s a step by step guide for those who want to learn on How to Install Cartridges into HP Envy 5530.

Steps to install cartridges in HP Envy 5530:

Go through the Control panel instructions

Before installing a new cartridge in the printer, the control panel prompts you with an indication about the ink level. This indication helps you in reminding about the replacement of the old cartridge with the new one. Its mandate to check the information availed by the printer for better performance.

Prompt about cartridge alignment

While installing a new cartridge, the printer will initially prompt you about the cartridge alignment. For this, you need to load the sheets in the paper tray.

Step One: Load Sheets (Plain Paper)

  • Power on the printer before you start any process.

  • Open up the paper tray.

  • Hold the door and pull the tray in an outward direction.

Step Two: Adjust the width guide

  • Slide the paper width guides in the outermost position.

  • Load a heap of plain sheets in the tray with a small edge of the sheets facing the printer and ensure print side down.

  • Push the sheets in the tray till it covers the desired position.

  • Adjust the paper width guide until it touches the edges of the sheets and slides the tray until it clicks.

  • Now, pull the tray extender and lift its end up.

Step Three: Open the cartridge lid

  • Hold the scanner lid from both the directions and gradually open it.

  • Now, open the cartridge access door in the printer. The carrier will automatically move to the cartridge access area. Do not touch until its idle and gets silent.

  • Lift the cartridge lid to replace or install a new cartridge.

  • Now, pull out the cartridge to remove it from the desired slot.

Step Four: Uncover the new cartridge

  • Open the new cartridge from the packing and make sure that you use OEM cartridges for better and high-quality results.

  • Gently hold the pull tab in order to remove the protective plastic tape from the new cartridge.

  • Always, remove the protective plastic covering carefully and do not touch the part protected on the cartridge for better performance.

Step Five: Cartridge Installation

  • Hold the new cartridge is such a direction, which allows you to see the contact points.

  • Now, gently adjust the cartridge in the empty slot.

  • Close the lid of the cartridge slot and this ensures that the cartridge properly adjusts in its place.

  • While installing, make sure to insert the color cartridge in the left slot and black cartridge in the right slot.

Please note: Before you indulge in the installing the cartridge process in HP Envy 5530, it’s important to know about the cartridge types. There are standard and Instant Ink Cartridges which vary in size. The instant Ink Cartridge has a large size, but the installing process is similar for both of these cartridges.

Step Six: Close the Cartridge Lid

  • Now, gently close the cartridge access door and later close the scanner lid.

  • The control panel on the printer will provide you with instructions to initiate the cartridge alignment.

Step Seven: Alignment Print

  • The cartridge is ready to print pages and it prints an alignment page as a sample.

  • One can repeat the similar step to install the other cartridge if it is required.

By following the above-written steps, it will be quite easy for the users to install cartridges in the HP Envy 5530. But one should be careful enough to check the type of cartridge is required and the slot where it is to be installed.

OEM, remanufactured or compatible, which cartridge is best for HP Envy 5530?

Most of the users are unaware of the cartridges available in the market. They shop online seeking the lowest cost, but do not have an idea about OEM, remanufactured or compatible cartridges. OEM is provided by the printer manufacturer itself like HP cartridges, which offer you the best printing quality. The compatible cartridges are manufactured by third parties, which somehow adjust with most of the printers. And the re-manufactured are basically the recycled cartridges which are the cheapest of them all. Always go for the OEM cartridges. To avail the best quality cartridges, you can get them online from Hot Toner with varying offers on every product.


  1. hi Hardik, this is pretty basic stuff in 2021. Fact is the HP Envy 5530 simply refuses to print with any other cartridge besides HP’s own brand despite many OEM’s on the market. Any tips for blocking whichever command is forcing HP-only cartridges? thanks AllanA


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