5 Ways to Master Instagram for Event Promotion


Posting videos to share or tell a story to others has become an old fashion these days. People now prefer to post pictures that can be selfie, randomly clicked picture, a special picture, and many other occasions. Instagram supports this concept in a very fantastic way. No doubt, people are active on a lot of different social apps, some may be the regular users of the social apps others can be doing the marketing on these platforms. You would already be doing the marketing of your social events on the entire different media platform available (Facebook or Twitter) but Instagram is the leading tool for promotions through visuals.

Come up and give a chance to Instagram for the promotions, boosting up the engagement and building new followers for your events. Initiate with buying new followers and likes through SocialShop just for the sake of getting a position in the world of Instagram. Your brand will get an identity and later your followers will be helping you in boosting up the engagement level. Create specific events in the start to let people focus on your brand’s name and abilities. Work on the steps that will be really helpful in social sharing for your next coming up event.

Follow the mentioned 5 steps as well for better results.

1. Let your followers build up a buzz before the official happening of the event:

Marketing of the events in the world of Instagram, not only requires the sharing of your posts with you only. Your followers should also participate in this step. And this sharing will only be done by them when you will organize the contests. Let your followers to posts the images about the events you capture and fix a good price for the winner of the contest. The created buzz will help you in building the most of the new followers and demand.

2. Posting on Instagram, before, during and after the event:

One step will or let you in having the best of the promotions. An Instagram campaign requires a lot of different steps that have to be done, one after the other for continuing the boost on your Instagram profile. You should think about more unique events to generate a more of the users. Broadcast your events to a larger scale and post regularly so that people could not forget you.

3. Record your success on Instagram:

The number of followers on Instagram, before an event, after an event, during an event, after organizing the contests should be recorded along with it. The count of followers actually indicates that where are laying and how many people are taking interest in your event marketing campaign. If you find it difficult to manage this all, make use of the Instagram tools that are made to manage this all perfectly. HootSuite, Buffer, MavSocial are some of the tools that will help you the best and accurate to measure the Instagram performance.

4. Quality of pictures:

Although if you are working hard and giving all of your hard effort to the Instagram marketing campaign but the content you are posting is not good, all of the efforts will fail to help you in promoting. The photos should be perfectly edited and compiled to give a good impression of your brand.

5. Posting videos:

Even, Instagram is all about the pictures. But sometimes it is important to post a short video to let your followers enjoy your event even more. Make the short shots about the preparations of the vents, setting up the stage, interviewing the guests or may post videos of the previous event for getting more engagement.


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