Simple Tips For Concrete Maintenance – Problems And Solutions


Concrete is a versatile and robust material. But there are many instances when it gets difficult to deal with different sorts of problems related to this material. With so many benefits that it offers to the structures, some of the common problems include shrinkage, discolouration, scaling and others. Get to know these problems and their solutions in detail to save the beauty of the building. Have a look at them.

Problem number 1- Discoloration

The builders love to use the concrete for construction purposes as it provides durability and longevity to the structures. That does not mean it is totally perfect and nothing can happen to the concrete in the future. If the similar material, batch and mix of concrete are used then the colour must not be different.

The problem originates when any or all of these three differ. This certainly leads to discolouration of the concrete. Some of the other problems include bad workmanship, different material, the addition of calcium chloride to the mixture etc.


  • Make it sure that you state the tolerance level clearly to the supplier.
  • It is better to arrange the uniform subgrade.
  • To go ahead with the finishing of the concrete, wait a while till the water is evaporated.
  • It is essential to make the use of well-shaped concrete.
  • Make use of liquid calcium.

Problem number 2: Scaling

This is one of the common problems of concrete. Whenever the surface of the concrete starts to peel off then such a situation occurs. The major reason behind this is insufficient concrete strength or curing procedure.

You can avoid this happening by taking care of various little things here. Also to get high-quality concrete for the construction of your building or any structure then you can contact the concrete services providing companies online. Get in touch with them to know their competitive rates and other valuable details.


  • The water needs to be evaporated completely for the right time for concrete finishing.
  • Do not use chemicals or salt for concrete curing when it is winters.
  • Never make the use of vibrating seed when the concrete is high slumped.

Problem number 3: Cracking

You can also find cracks in the concrete of your houses or buildings easily. There are times when shrinking of the concrete gets tough to prevent. Here, you can control this happening well. There are one or more factors that give birth to concrete cracking. These factors or problems include drying shrinkage, subgrade settlement, thermal contraction, applied loads etc.

There are certain acceptable standards of cracking. Here, if the crack is not too big or wide and there is no leakage of any sort then it is not considered a problem. Let’s have a look at the solutions to this problem.


  • It is better to get rid of the soft spots, topsoil and organic substances from the subgrade.
  • It is important to pack the loose soil placed under the concrete slab.
  • Make sure that the subgrade is sloped so that the drainage system works properly.
  • Also, design such a concrete pavement that can bear both loads and movements well.
  • Take care of the weather conditions too.
  • There is no need to overwork the surface of the concrete.
  • It is important to control the plastic shrinkage and for that, you can make use of the synthetic fibres.

Problem number 4: Crazing

This is one of the most repeated problems that the concrete structures face. Have you seen the connected fine cracks that occur on the concrete surfaces? They do not pose huge problems for the structures. It can be said that the strength of the concrete remains the same and is not affected in any way. The reason for its occurrence is the shrinkage of the concrete paste that comes on the surface.


  • The concrete slump must not bleed or segregate.
  • The finishing must be done after evaporation of the water. Prevent dusting the concrete surface while it’s still wet. When the finishing is going on, stop spraying water on it.
  • You can spray water on the subgrade if the temperature around can evaporate the water particles easily.
  • Instead of steel towel, use broom finish.

Make use of these tips and solutions to keep the structure strong for a longer period of time.


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