Hugely Versatile Lifesize Video conferencing Systems for Home and Office Use


In the world of business and entertainment, video conferencing occupies a prominent place. Though relatively new, many private companies and government agencies are actively using videoconferencing for coordinating their daily activity.

Impact of videoconferencing on business

First, the visual pictures of the person you are interacting with will make one feel closer and say things in a more lucid way. If you do not see him or her, you must imagine the person and then do the talking. On the videoconference meeting, you are one step closer to reality.  One of the prominent players in videoconferencing is Lifesize video conferencing, a company based in Austin, Texas.

Pioneer in many aspects

Lifesize have many firsts to its credit. Most of the patrons would remember their touch screen phone optimisation for video collaboration. They brought out the under $2,500 and the under $5,000 HD video system. They were the first to have an integrated infrastructure platform for virtualized video. And the most important one, they were the first to offer the assembled-in-minutes all-in-one video conferencing solution.

Why the last one is the most prominent is immediately obvious. It helps create meetings and conferences without any design knowledge or detailed planning. This helps users to interact fast and come up with better solutions. Way back in 2014, Lifesize came up with the Lifesize Cloud, which allowed users to participate in a video call through a smartphone, laptop, desktop, conference room, or tablet.

Other features of Lifesize

Lifesize offers a recording and sharing service. This is called the Lifesize Cloud Amplify.  The technology is enterprise ready in that it has firewall transversal, built-in encryption, SAML, and SSO. The cloud-based application is natively paired for plug and play meeting rooms that have HD cameras and allows phone connectivity. You can pair it with other collaboration tools such as Skype for Business. SoftLayer, the IBM company powers the scalable and reliable network.

The user interface is easy to use because of the simplified controls. You have a directory-based click to call dialling with an intuitive interface. It interacts with all the workflows, platforms, and devices you use daily. It has central management that is web-based. The reporting tool has automatic updates for the software and hardware. This is one of the reasons why people prefer Lifesize video conferencing equipment for their everyday use.

Excellent value for money

They have been leading the field of video conferencing for more than 12 years now. It includes web, video, and audio conferencing including recording and sharing, all in one application. Due to the combination of the three audio, video, and web, the ownership costs drop to a minimum.

If you look for an immediate solution for a quick huddle meeting you have a dependent ally in Lifesize. You can scale it securely and broadcast globally when you choose to. You can easily add conference rooms it is immensely expandable. This award-winning technology allows you to collaborate effortlessly. You make your meeting rooms smarter, you allow higher technology intervention, and you pack a punch into the meetings. What is more, you can use your smartphone to connect seamlessly with everyone at the meeting.


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