How to Use Pillows in Staging

Pillows in Staging

I have to admit, I really had no idea about pillow staging (what?!) before I bought my first pillowcase. I just wanted a cutsie and cheerful owl print for my study. The shop assistant was an avid admirer of pillows and had a tip or two (or 26) to share with me. I listened to the enthusiastic speech reluctantly, but the ideas got stuck in my head. Now I can spot them at a mile’s distance in a hypermarket, even though I just came for food.

From that moment on, I’ve started my own pillow staging journey. On the way, I learned immensely how a modest setting with adequate pillows can make or break the room. I’ve piled quite a few suggestions and advice in my goodie box, so it’s safe to say I’ve got pillow arrangement under my belt, and I’m willing to share. Stay with me as I go through some awesome designs and cool tips.

There’s no such thing as too many

Ok, the modern television has made men fear and act weirdly around pillows, especially when there’s a lot of them. The truth is, their purpose is to provide comfort above all, but a smart layout and abundance of carefully placed pillows can truly freshen up the room.

Imagine having a two-colored room with grey modern furniture and wood-brown walls. Without pillows, it’s a tad boring. Add a selection of pillows in green and earthy colors and your living room becomes a popular place to hang at.

There’s no such thing as too many

Try not to match too much

Your space certainly benefits from some colour composition and matching, like with complementary floor rugs that go with the wall, as you need that solid base to start with. However, a drab white hotel room with a large bed and a light wood night stand can look amazing with a splash of colour. You’ve guessed it, pillows! A sunny orange, a touch of red and a few shades of blue in simple patterns can make a room look cosy and lively.

Try not to match too much

Fluffy magicians

If your room has a section or an element that’s not in its bestest shape, pillow can sneakily come to the rescue and shift the attention from it. If your tiles or wooden floor look a bit old-fashioned, a set of pillows can distract the visitor’s look with the smart selection of colours. Employ pillows that feature the colours similar to the ones of the floor and the walls respectively, adding a third colour to break the pattern and connect them both.

fluffy magicians

Artistic dance

The pillows can also communicate and connect with other items or art pieces in the room, like paintings or curtains. Opt for the eclectic look that will surprise and amaze your friends. For example, if you have some blue ornaments on the wall, like plates, you can combine this with bluish pattern on your pillowcases. If a certain colour dominates your dining room artwork, consider adding a pillow of comparable tint only to the chairs facing the piece.

Artistic dance

Black and white effect

Some may call this setting colourless, but these two are more powerful hues than you may believe. If you’re intending to work with black and white solely, you’d have to step up the game with the cautious choice of motifs and textures. Make a fusion of linear and intricate patterns for pillows on a white base (bed, walls or carpet), and coordinate it with other object, like lamps and mats. This way the principles of architecture can take the stage and make the exquisite traits stand out, such as vintage closet in the corner.

Black and white effect

When it comes to interior design, pillows are like a very handy wild card or puzzle piece that fits everywhere, if you know how to use it properly. Examine these tips and see how they apply to your room. Go ahead and make your first installment!

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