Amazing Ways to Enjoy Wireless Music Using Bluetooth Speakers


Do you love listening to your jams? If so, then are you thinking of enjoying a hands free way to do it such as having one of those cool cheap promotional bluetooth speakers sold at But the only thing that’s keeping you from doing so is you don’t have any wireless speakers or you don’t have the budget to purchase one.

If you answer yes to all of these questions then you should know that there is another great way to take advantage of that fun wireless music listening experience as long as you have a Bluetooth enabled computer and smartphone. Read more here on how to do it.

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This is very exciting to hear isn’t it? And yes this is definitely true and one of the best alternatives getting more music juice from your smartphone with the help of your computer. Now just get your mobile device (android, iOS, windows) and your personal computer (laptop or desktop)and be prepared to give that hands free freedom a boost.

  1. Click start then go to Control Panel. Go to Hardware and Sound then click Bluetooth Devices. For Windows Vista OS and up, you might encounter a message that will ask you to give administrative credentials. Just click yes.
  2. When you’re on the Devices tab, Find Add and click it to add your mobile device. After that, just follow the steps given.
  3. Get your mobile device. Enable Bluetooth to gain hands free connection access to your computer.
  4. When you’ve successfully done step 3, click on Audio tab on your computer to see your mobile device in the list.
  5. Just click your mobile device then connect.

For a more pleasurable hands-free music listening experience, it’s highly recommended for you to connect your computer to a pair of good quality speakers. With this setup, you can now use your computer as a hands-free speakers by just connecting your Bluetooth equipped mobile device to it.

That’s it! You’re good to go! Have fun!

Cheap promotional Bluetooth speakers are getting more and more popular these days, and there are a lot to choose from at, however, there are still others who don’t own one and are sticking with non-bluetooth, wired speakers. Some people says it’s because they love the quality of wired speakers than the wireless, bluetooth ones.

Now don’t you worry guys because there’s actually a solution to your needs. Interested aren’t you? Then just read along!

Have you heard of the plugzee? Let’s make it easier. Imagine having a wired pair of speakers, this tool is something that will allow those speakers to be connected to your device via bluetooth. From wired to wireless!

This is a tiny device that turns any wired speaker to a Bluetooth speaker without degrading or compromising the quality of the audio! How? You just have to plug your wired speakers to this tool and connect your device to plugzee via Bluetooth. It’s that simple! You can even pair up to 8 devices to your speakers with the use of this tool.

Other than those standard Bluetooth speakers, imagine the possibility of connecting your device to those bigger sound systems like a Home Theater System. It has a long lasting battery life and the package includes a micro USB charging port which eliminates the need for special cables and chargers.

What’s even better is that it has a built-in mic and it has a noise cancellation feature. This allows you to use this Bluetooth tool as an effortless way to answer your calls and listen to the person whom you’re talking on LOUD speaker.

Regarding the battery, it has a Lithium-ion battery that allows up to 18 hours of streaming on a single charge and it can even last up to 30 days on standby time.

Now this is definitely something huh? Nice!


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