5 Home Studio Recording Facts That You Must Know


If you are passionate about creating music, a home recording studio will probably be a dream project for you. Setting up one can be a daunting challenge, considering that you will have to dedicate a part of your living space for it. Further, a great deal of research needs to be invested in prepping up. Not to mention, you will also need to invest a hefty sum on buying the right gear for equipping the studio to produce great music. However, we have some facts that will help if you are planning to have a functional home studio to start with.

Acoustics are of key importance

Even before you start preparing a checklist of equipment for the studio, you need to pay attention to the acoustic quality of the chosen space. This is because even the most talented artists using the best equipment will not be able to create good music unless the room is acoustically apt. Get ready to invest in the acoustic treatment of the space that you plan to convert into the studio.

The most expensive gear may not always be the best

Another surprising fact is that the most expensive equipment may not always yield the best sound. Rather than being impressed by fancy price tags, look for music equipment that is all about good music. Talk to professionals and check out equipment before buying. You can even go through online reviews such as https://prostudiogear.com/edifier-r1700bt-bluetooth-bookshelf-speakers-gives-boom-for-the-buck/ to get reliable feedback on the products.

The vibe matters as well

While the technical aspects such as acoustics and equipment quality matter, the vibe of the studio is equally important. It is the place where you will be nurturing music and you must make sure that it gets your creativity flowing. Paint the walls in nice colors to make the space aesthetically appealing. Have a comfortable sitting arrangement where you can sit with your band to prepare and practice for your recordings.

Avoid brand new gear and software

You may be tempted into investing in the latest music equipment and brand new software updates in the market. But it is not always wise to be an early adopter, particularly when you have a long-term project like a music studio in mind. Instead, opt for tried and tested gear and updates as they are likely to give you excellent results year after year.

Keep a budget for maintenance

Setting up a home recording studio is just half the work done as you need to ensure that it remains in good shape in the future as well. Maintenance is, therefore, an essential requirement that you should be prepared for. Set aside budget for regular upkeep of the equipment as well as periodic replacement and upgrades. Get expert recording advice from https://prostudiogear.com/ to keep pace with the industry.

Knowing these facts will help you in understanding the key requirements of setting up a home recording studio from the scratch. Not only will these simplify the process for you but also help you to invest your money wisely.


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