Dealing With Cops in LA – What You Need To Know


Dealing with the caretakers of law is no easy or fun thing to do. Every expression, word or action you display can lead you into trouble or sometimes, pull you out of a difficult situation. But, whatever the situation is, your demeanor can help you deal with it. Also, it is necessary to know about certain rights of yours when you are put in the situation of interrogation. Listed here are some of the basic moves that you can make or use phrases so that you do not fall deeper into any legal trouble, intentionally or unintentionally.

1. Right to remain silent

Cooking up false stories thinking it to be short cut to the way out to trouble is way dangerous than keeping silent. So, choose to stay mum from the very start instead of saying something and denying it later. You have all the right to remain silent on any question and can hire a criminal defense lawyer to help you prepare the correct answer to the allegation.

2. Divulge only your name and address

When you are called to police station for any enquiry, only thing you should do is tell them your name and address. For everything else, choose to consult a lawyer before making any statement.

3. Know right to make a phone call

If you get booked or are about to get arrested, you have the right to make three phone calls. First to the bail bondsman so that you get the bail as soon as possible. Second to the relatives to inform them about the situation so that they can take care of family members in your absence. You may also consider calling a lawyer if the matter is more serious than you thought.

While making a call, always assume that your calls are being recorded. So, tell to the other person on phone only what the police have told you. However, your call to your lawyer is strictly between you and the lawyer. So, feel free to talk in detail.

4. Behavior with the police

If you are on road and you are stopped, ask politely why you are stopped. If asked to come out, tell in advance what your next move is. Say clearly that you are going for the registration documents and license if you intend to show them, or are asked by the official to produce those.

Talking more about behaving, you do have right to show anger or give into temptation to abuse, but this can work against you. You also have right to show your discontent to get searched, but instead of resisting it physically, state it in clear words.

Never ever hurt a police officer, try to escape or bribe. All these actions can just worsen the situation and make your coming out clear quite difficult.

So, whatever happens in LA is likely to stay in LA if you do not do things that can make it a fodder for media reporters. Thus, know what you are and what you are not entitled to when you are stuck in a legal situation that is more of a crime in LA.


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