Home Improvement in 2023: Top 5 Trends to Follow


Following the latest home improvement trends can help you make your home stylish. However, you don’t want it to feel outdated after a few years. That’s the tricky bit when keeping up with the trends.

The good news is the 2023 trends include timeless classics. They exude the sophistication and elegance we strive for and won’t call for change in a few years. They’re here to stay, so check them out to take your home renovation project to the next level.

Natural stone in kitchens and bathrooms

Natural materials are all the rage this year. Wood is among the most sought-after options, but stone is a dominating force that most interior designers and homeowners opt for to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The best part? It’s no longer synonymous only with expensive real estate. As professionals from Butler and Butler, specializing in luxury homes and real estate, say: “It can be expensive, primarily if you implement it in every room, but you can achieve the same sleek appeal by sprucing up your kitchen and bathroom only.”

For instance, you can use granite, slate, or sandstone for the walls and onyx or marble for furniture. Granite is versatile, so you can also use it for flooring.

Kitchen counters look marvelous with granite or quartzite, which works wonders in the bathroom. As for the bathroom vanity, travertine is ideal.

Let’s not forget marble, the king of natural stone. It can make your kitchen and bathroom luxurious, sophisticated, and inviting.

Dark wood finishes

Dark wood finishes can make your home look modern and create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Darker colors exude elegance and don’t go out of style.

Most people implement this trend in dining and living rooms, but you can go overboard and enrich every room with dark wood finishes. Imagine how glamorous your bedroom would look.

Don’t worry about making your home too dark because there’s always light-colored furniture. For instance, a gray sofa can create a balance, and a bold-colored chair can add a pop of color that breaks the monotony. Accessories like cushions, area rugs, and lamps in bright colors can also open up the space and make it more inviting.

Minimalism across the board

Minimalism has been among the most popular design styles since the 1960s and 1970s, when it emerged from the minimalist art movement in New York. It’s the trademark of the Scandinavian interior design style, emphasizing simplicity across the board.

The essential elements of minimalist interior design include open-concept floor plans, a monochromatic palette with neutral colors (e.g., white, gray, black, tan, pastel blue, and forest green), uncluttered spaces, clean lines, and natural light.

Skylights, light wells, floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass doors, and French doors are only some modern options for maximizing natural light. They combine perfectly with any interior design style. Moreover, letting in more sunshine during the day cuts your electricity bills.

Sustainable design

Sustainable design is gaining popularity daily, making it more accessible to anyone looking to embrace eco-friendly materials and features and reduce their carbon footprint. Maximizing natural light to lower energy consumption is the tip of the iceberg.

Other options include reclaimed materials (natural or repurposed) in building and renovation projects. For instance, you can combine reclaimed wood, cork, or bamboo with recycled metal for a stunning design that contributes to the environment. You can also purchase a used office container and transform it into your own garden office.

Permeable paving and rain gardens for the exterior are also fantastic eco-friendly options. However, you can bring green landscaping inside and create green walls. Such biophilic design looks breathtaking, connects you with nature, and improves your health.

Smart home technology

Technology for smart homes has been a growing trend for over two decades. However, the tech of the early 2000s wasn’t what it is today, nor was it as accessible to everyone.

Homeowners today can access sophisticated, energy-efficient, cost-efficient systems beyond features like LED light bulbs and high-efficiency heat pumps. They can now enjoy next-level automation from the gate and front door to the bathroom and bedroom.

You can implement home automation for managing security, entertainment, temperature, lighting, and other systems from a mobile device. You can use innovative appliances with remote control. You can enjoy hands-free, voice-activated devices for ultimate convenience and comfort. They save energy and money, simplify your life, and make your home more sustainable.


Are you excited about these home improvement trends? Have you started imagining how fabulous they would look in your home? Then, get your head out of the clouds and implement these contemporary designs. Create your perfect oasis that looks and feels luxurious, embraces sustainability, exudes everlasting style, and provides a harmonious experience.


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