Top Considerations When Choosing A WordPress Hosting Provider


Creating your first website or starting a new one is easy with a dedicated WordPress hosting plan. With this, you can create corporate websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, and more using the powerful WordPress platform.

There are many providers out there vying for your attention, with many claiming to be the best solution for your business. Before you decide, check out these top considerations of what to look for when selecting a WordPress host.

Within your price range

As obvious as it is necessary, this consideration is best suited for startup and small businesses with a limited budget. And even if you have the budget to get a more expensive host, it might just be a waste of money. For instance, if you have a small website with just a couple of pages and light traffic, you might not need to go for dedicated hosting.

VPS is a good consideration, but people will only typically move their sites after reaching the limits of their existing hosting package. However, some hosting providers readily offer affordable dedicated WORDPRESS HOSTING that’s perfect for small and big businesses alike.


Your host’s performance is paramount and can be tied to your site’s performance. A high-performing host backing you up will ensure that your site is always online, blazing-fast, and updated. This results in good user experience and boosted search engine rankings.

Site speed and performance are also affected and can be improved by utilizing a CDN. You can also install a variety of plugins that will help optimize your WordPress site for functionality and speed.

Access to the control panel

This is a must-have if you’re just starting your online business. Control panel is a backend feature that lets you manage your server easily, and install WordPress. It also aids you in making domain-specific updates such as content, contact information, design, plug-ins, etc.

cPanel is the most commonly used control panel is, but your host of choice might also be using a different tool. Regardless of the control panel included with your hosting plan, it makes site management painless and fast.

Technical compatibility

Your host needs to be able to run WordPress. What’s good is that it’s very easy to install and run WordPress; you only need PHP 7 and MySQL 5.6 compatibility. All top hosting providers will have WordPress compatibility but it never hurts to ask anyway.

Responsive support team

Every host will have a support team. What sets the best apart is the responsiveness of their support team. Great support staff will seamlessly liaise between your website and server and will be by your side if any technical issues arise.

You’ll also want a knowledgeable and helpful staff beyond having your issues responded to quickly. This combination will make your life a paradise while making your online business thrive.

How to get started?

Many hosting companies like Vodien offer its WordPress hosting complete with a time-saving and easy to use tool that’s called One-click WordPress, which instantly deploys a WordPress site with just a few clicks in your Account Manager. So, you just log in to your control panel, find the app, choose WordPress, then fill in some basic site details and the tool will automatically install WordPress for you.

Use these considerations when choosing a WordPress hosting provider and you’ll be on your way to easy site setup and a solid foundation for a successful web presence. Best of luck!


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