Top 10 Home Decor Trends to Watch Out for in 2021


Interior designers with their inventive and artistic research have come up with many trendy home décor designs that are ideal for the upcoming Year 2021. With changes in urban living standards and facilities, home decoration trend also gets innovative. Innovative space saving furniture, design trends for compact rooms and kitchen with chic look like are some of the ideas that the home designers introduced afresh. Modular wall panels like decorative gypsum wall panels and decorative gypsum wall tiles are gaining momentum for a trendy décor.

Innovative Furniture and Décor Designs

Matte finish furniture and furnishings attributing rich colors are the order of the contemporary designs. Matte designs with bold and black colors are sure to give the furniture a fresh look and feel. Tables, cabinets, etc., that have matte finish along with a good lighting system can make the interior cozier. When one executes the furniture designs with careful planning and well-selected colors are sure to elevate the moods to the highest levels. Furniture made of acrylic materials is definite to glamour the room décor.

Curved Shapes and Textured Metals to enthuse Interior

Curved back sofa and soft sofas that are made of velvet is the trend of the year 2021. Even curvy mirrors and wall hangings can give a more modern look to the interior. The surfaces of the tables and other hard furniture when covered with soft and velvet with hue colors are extremely pleasurable to the eye. Textured metal decorations made of artificial silver or nickel should make the room bright and vibrant. Sculptured walls also look exceptionally modern and magnificent.

Geometric Theme and Patterned Designs – the Trend of New Year Interior Design

Bold patterns are highly recommended for the ensuing New Year and this pattern can dazzle the appearance of various things like pillows, wallpapers and many other accents. Geometric themed wall arts, carpets and other furniture materials can make the mood trendy. Stripped linen cloth covers and embroidered pillow covers are sure to give chic look. Sturdy geometric themes combined with metals for mirrors and other home décor items can make the decoration very luxurious. Table lamps and clocks that are designed with the geometric theme are sure to dominate the interior.

Mediterranean Country Décor and Marble Accents to Enhance Interior Decoration

Countries like Spain and Greece prefer earthy and breezy style décor. Persian carpets and earthenware can provide amusement as well as fresh look to kitchen and bathrooms. Furniture that imitates the look of Greek and pendant lights that mimic Moroccan can create an alien atmosphere to the interior. Combining furniture items like tables that look modern with traditional Persian style rug can make the décor bold and extraordinary. Mixing classical art items with rustic patterned designs is another idea to make the New Year décor charming. Marbles that is elegant as well as classic makes a comeback and facilitates to elevate the room decoration quotient.

Durable and Trendy Décor is the New Year Theme

With the rising cost of living, the present day trend is to look for a home décor that lasts for considerably for some time. Renovating the home every season is quite difficult considering the budgetary inadequacy and other factors too. Decorative items that last for considerable duration are preferred nowadays. One looks for comfort as well as warm color for the home and space saving furniture is the order of the day.

Affordable and Comfortable Décor Design Preferred

Irrespective of the size of the home; whether it is a larger apartment home or tiny home, interior designers are consciously developing designs with innovation. Furnishings and décor collections that serve the purpose of style and comfort which suit all types of homes are the latest development of the interior market.

Make the Home Greenery

Bringing green foreground color for home décor can make the home greenery and highly pleasant. One can make use of artificial plants and pots to ornament the rooms. They are easily maintainable and available in great variety as well as variant colors. One can mix natural plants with these faux plants to bring more greenery to the home. The floral pattern is one of the tremendous ideas to make the decoration completely green.

Variety Décor options for the New Year

Décor elements made of brass and copper accent metals are the best choice to make the interior look more luxurious. Color pallets that are rich in look can bring the affluent look and feel to the room. Decorating the room with contrasting colors like black and white can spice up the moods to the utmost. To tone up the room color one can think of red color which can add as a complementary to the interior.

Decorating Ceilings

Modern ceiling products like Acoustic gypsum ceiling board and bedroom gypsum ceiling are a trend of the day which can bring the most modern fashion for the interior. These patterns and styles are sure to uplift the interior appealing to a great extent. They can provide a relaxed and visual calmness as well.

Trendy Modular Floor and Ceiling Decors

In order to get sturdy and permanent home décor solution one should incorporate the trendy modular system based designs. Gypsum based decoration solutions are the modern trend and becoming popular too. Fire retardant gypsum products like fireproof gypsum wallboard are also available for best protection. Sculpted wall panels and textured wall panels that can provide impressive aesthetic effects at cost-effective prices are the best solutions to the present day design requirements. They are capable of transforming the walls and ceiling by providing more depth, context as well as significance to the home décor. These panels are custom designed and are sure to suit every décor requirements comfortably.


Dwellers in the urban always look for modern living and require sophisticated home décor design solutions. Since they change their locations frequently owing to their career needs, they look for the latest trends that are available at affordable cost. While one dwells on latest trends in interior design, one should ponder about comfortable living as well. This discussion should help them to decide upon remodeling their home designs to suit their budget requirements as well.


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