Why You Should Hire a Nanny From Abroad


For many families hiring a nanny is a logical step for helping take care of their family. Both Mom and Dad may have long hours and not the most flexible schedules to pick up one kid from soccer practice while taking the other one to their violin lesson on the other side of town.

More and more families are turning to nannies, with a rise in nanny-sharing across the nation as well. It’s understandable that parents may be a bit hesitant when welcoming someone else into their home, especially someone else who will help take care of their children.

If you and your family have considered hiring a nanny, you might want to consider hiring a nanny from abroad. Foreign nannies bring many benefits to your children and family and we have some of the top reasons listed here below.

Adding a New Language

With a world that is more globalized every day and more and more bilingual schools popping up around the country, bringing a nanny in that speaks a foreign language is greatly beneficial to your child.

When children are growing, their minds are like little sponges that absorb just about everything including languages. While your child may not be fluent in German after six months, chances are they will have picked up a high number of words and phrases over time.

That could lead to an early interest in language, a new hobby or a fun activity for them.

It’s Not All About the Language

Even though a foreign nanny may be bringing in another language, that’s not all they’re going to be bringing in. After they drop their bags, they’ll also be carrying in their unique culture, upbringing and values.

It’s a great way to expose your children to something different and unique while teaching them about all of the different people there are around the world. Just because someone sounds different, looks different and knows about different things doesn’t make them any more or less of a person.

Moving away from the heartfelt things, but a foreign nanny can impart new traditions, games, activities, food and more. You may never have heard of pasta carbonara before, but now you scoff at regular spaghetti.

Foreign Nannies Will be ‘All In’

This is as much of a cultural and immersive experience for them as it is for you. Not only will they be adding value to your family but they’ll also be receiving a lot of value themselves.

Chances are, your foreign nanny isn’t going to know a lot of people in your area or have a vehicle to get away whenever they want. This doesn’t mean you should be rejoicing that the nanny doesn’t have much of a social life, but it should be comforting to know they’re going to be ‘all in’ with you and your family.

They may be coming there to improve their English, expose themselves to a new culture or look for an adventure before starting their university studies. You can rest assured that their main attention and focus will be taking care of your children and household.

It would be great, though, if your nanny could find some friends or other activities so they don’t go stir-crazy over the next few months.

The Red Tape to Consider

Hiring a foreign nanny doesn’t come without its set of barriers though. If the nanny is intending on staying longer than three months, they will likely need a visa and may need you to help them set that up. The visa process, depending on the individual’s host country, can be a bit of a complicated affair.

You will also have to be ready to have a live-in nanny. While this should be obvious while for a foreign nanny, you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared to welcome someone into your house full-time.

Money is also a talking point. Some nannies are paid every week, some an entire stipend for the summer or whatever you and the nanny agree upon. Don’t forget about making sure your taxes are in order as well.

Your nanny also may struggle to find activities outside your household. Do some research on events where he/she could meet some other people and explore a little bit.


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