Not Just Photos: 6 Hidden Facebook Features You’ll Wish You Knew Before


Have you ever wondered what Facebook features you were missing? Sure, you upload pictures, videos, and statuses and connect with friends and family, but Facebook has so much more to offer. If you’ve never taken the time to actually explore your Facebook and all the features and options it contains, then you might not be using it to its full potential.

As the years pass by, more and more features are released. This means the longer you put off discovering these features, the more features you’ll miss out on. From messenger inboxes to money transactions, there are plenty of Facebook features you need to know about right now!

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1You Can See Every Login

Have you ever wondered if anyone in your past has access to your Facebook? What about hackers? You always see the spam messages that are forwarded through messenger and people letting their followers know they’ve been hacked.

How can you ensure you’re the only one logging into your account? Facebook has a feature that’ll show you every login, the type of device used, and the location. To access this feature, click on your settings and privacy.

Then, click on settings and then on “Security and Login” under the “Security” header. Once you click on this, you’ll see a header that states, “Where you’re logged in.”

Every device and location where you’re logged in will show. You can also use this feature to log yourself out of any unauthorized current logins.

2You Have Two Inboxes

Has anyone ever told you they sent you a message, but you never received it? Facebook has 2 inboxes, but one of them is hidden. This hidden inbox is called “Message Requests.”

When someone sends you a message that you’re not friends with and who Facebook doesn’t believe you’ve interacted with, it’ll go directly into the “Message Requests” inbox. To access this inbox, open messenger and click on your profile picture located at the top left of the screen.

Under your profile picture, you’ll then see the hidden inbox. Click on it and there will be 2 folders. One folder is for messages from people you may know and another for spam.

3You Can Save Posts for Later Review

Scrolling through Facebook can be overwhelming at times. There’s a lot to see and a lot to read. If you’ve ever seen a post that you wanted to review but didn’t have time at the moment, then you can use the save-for-later feature.

This makes it easier to find later on then trying to scroll through your feed again trying to remember who posted it. To access this feature, click on the 3 dots at the top right of anyone’s post. You can then hit, “save post.”

To open your saved posts, click on the 3 bars at the top right of your Facebook’s main page. Then, click on, “Saved.” Everything you’ve ever saved will be here.

4You Can Download Videos

Facebook has made it difficult to download videos to your devices. You can always save a video by following the tip listed above. You can also copy the link to paste it in other places, but there’s no future on Facebook to actually download the video.

When you find yourself needing to download a video posted on Facebook that didn’t already come from your own device, then you’ll need to look into your options. There are apps you can download to help you do so and instructions are listed on

5You Can Download Your Entire Facebook

Do you use your Facebook as a storage device for a large number of photos and videos? If you keep most of your favorite photos and videos on Facebook, then you may have worried about losing them in the future.

There’s no telling what Facebook may end up doing with their platform years from now. How long will it even be around for before something new comes along? Luckily, there’s a way to download your entire Facebook.

This includes all of your images, posts, videos, message conversations, and more. To access this feature, go to your settings and click on, “General.” At the bottom, you should see a link that says, “Download a copy of your Facebook data.”

Click on this link. It’ll then give you instructions on how to have your own copy of your entire Facebook account.

6Facebook Has a Complete Business Side

Do you run or own a business? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur and just starting your own business. Did you know that Facebook has an entire business side to it?

To reap the benefits of a business Facebook page, you’ll need to change your Facebook page to a business one, or create a new one. When creating a new page, you’ll be asked what type of page it is, this is where you click on, “business.”

You’ll then be lead through a step-by-step process. Follow each step, and you’ll open the door to a whole new world. The Facebook business page has many marketing tactics and features to help your business flourish. These are all features only accessible when you have a business page.

Which Facebook Features Will You Discover Next?

With so many hidden Facebook features to discover, which one will you look into first? Which one will you try next? Be sure to keep this guide handy to get the most out of your Facebook account.

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