Why Hang Tags Play a Huge Role in Branding Your Clothing Business


All customers are different, right? Of course. Each customer comes into a store looking for different items and products, and for a specific purpose. But if you ever pay close attention to a customer shopping for clothes, you’ll notice that the way in which they shop tends to follow a specific order… They first browse the store to find the article of clothing they’ve been looking for. Then, once they find that piece, they then look at a very specific item on the piece of clothing… The very next item the customer is looking at is the clothing’s hang tag.

Why do customers look for the hang tag next? Well, because more than likely, the article of clothing they found has multiple sets, so the customer looks at the hang tags to see which one is right for them. Hang tags contain information like size, price, and the name of the brand or logo.

In the eyes of the customer, the main reason they look at hang tags is mainly to see if that article of clothing is in their size and in their price range. But from perspective of the owner of the clothing line, hang tags are the face of their brand.

Hang tags have been around for quite some time but they’ve always been somewhat of a last-minute consideration that falls at the bottom of to-do lists with clothing line owners. Designers are so focused on following the clothing brand business tips to get established and the production of the garments that they neglect to put too much time or effort into their hang tags… That’s a completely different story now!

Some clothing line owners now spend more time on their hang tags than they do on their garments because they’ve realized just how important hang tags are. A clothing designer can have some of the most beautiful articles of clothing but if their hang tags don’t speak to the customer, what’s the point of any of it?

The biggest thing to understand is that hang tags aren’t just pieces of cardboard or paper that hang from clothes. Your hang tags are not only the face of your brand but they’re a representation of a lifestyle and reputation you’re wanting customers to perceive.

From brand recognition and reputation to brand loyalty, take a look at why hang tags play such a huge role in the branding of your clothing business.

Why are Hang Tags So Important?

1Hang Tags Promote Brand Recognition

Hang tags have often been said to be the equivalent of a business card, and if you think about it, it’s pretty accurate. Just think about it… If a customer is browsing around in a store where the clothes don’t have hang tags, they’d be buying clothes with no clue where they came from. Your hang tags are not only going to sell your clothes but they’re also a hanging advertisement for your brand.

2Hang Tags Make Your Clothes “Pop”

Another point to make about hang tags is that you don’t just want to have a regular hang tag on your clothes… you want and need your hang tags to stand out. Just imagine the indecisiveness customers experience when shopping for clothes… Not only are there tons of clothes on racks, but there are tons of clothes of the same style they’re looking for on the racks!

So how do customers make their final buying decision? They look at the hang tags. In knowing this, this is when you want to get creative in the design phase. How do you do this? You have to create custom hang tags that are very specific to your brand.

Whether you choose to be creative in the shape of your hang tags or with the colors, just make sure your hang tags stand out on the racks. It can be very easy for standard tags to get lost in the mounds of other clothing lines, so make your clothes “pop” with an eye-grabbing hang tag.

3Hang Tags Build Brand Loyalty

Every clothing line owner wants to be a household name and be recognizable by people all over the world. That’s perfectly understandable but you know what they say… “you have to crawl before you can walk.”

So what does crawling before walking look like in retail? Well, it starts with creating customer loyalty by way of finding ways to connect with your audience. As of right now, your brand is just words attached to clothes, and that’s okay… all clothing lines start out like that. It’s not until you start humanizing your brand that you start to get some movement behind your brand.

Artsthread.com stresses the importance of storytelling. Customers are interested in why you do what you do and how you came to do it. Share your brand’s story with them on not only your hang tags but also on social media too! Get involved in local and community events to spread your business to the world.

The thing to understand is that people aren’t going to be as invested in a brand if they don’t feel like it resonates with them. So be transparent and open about your brand. If you can get your brand’s story out to the right people, your brand will indeed become a household name and customers will remain loyal for years to come.


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