Clothing Brand Business Tips


Starting your clothing business today might be risky as there is undeniably high competition in the market already. However, clothes are always on everyone’s shopping list, and every day some people purchase new clothes for different purposes or events.

It might be challenging to make a good brand that will stand-out to other clothing lines, but here are some of the essential tips before you start your clothing brand.

Draw your Clothing Brand

Fashion is very personal; it represents yourself or who you are, so it is essential to decide what type of design your brand should focus on. As of today, millennials are looking for brands that have a connection with authentic brands they desire. Authenticity defines uniqueness and glamour, so it might be challenging to create a distinctive brand that will still have a relationship with other genuine brands. According to Fabrizio Moreira, consumers want brand experience and authenticity.

Here are some of the questions you must answer before deciding what clothing niche you will offer:

  1. Who are your target costumers?
  2. What Identity do you want your clothing brand to project?
  3. What can your costumers get from your clothing brand that they can’t get anywhere else?
  4. How can you make your brand unique?

Start Small Aim Big

Never get demotivated if you still can’t open a huge clothing industry, it will be fine to start small. With a small investment, what you only need is your out of the box ideas. Keep in mind that this start-up is changing the dress and shirt industry; there are small clothing brands that came out from nothing and became successful.

Fresh ideas, unique items of clothing, and the right marketing are the essentials you only need to have.

Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation

After deciding your brand label and checking your funds, it is now the time to determine what will be the business structure of your clothing line. Sole proprietorship, Partnership, and Corporation are three basic structures of business. This is really important to know because each of these structures has different legal documents, requirements, and of course, a business plan.

Calculate the Numbers

One of the most important things you have to do before you start investing your money in your dream clothing line business is to calculate how much would everything costs. It will be a big hurdle for you if you have a limited budget to implement your business plan.

These are the following start-up costs you need to fill to know how much fund you need to prepare:

  1. Value of the logo, business cards, and website.
  2. License and permit fees.
  3. Deposits and rent if you are planning to lease your physical store.
  4. Primary business needs such as phone line, internet connection, invoicing software, and many more.
  5. Advertising and marketing costs.
  6. Sewing and design tools.
  7. Fabrics, notions, including embellishments decor.
  8. Hourly wages.

Wages depend if you want to hire personnel to work with you; if yes, then it is necessary to add wages to your start-up calculations.

Once you are done calculating all the costs, now it’s time to compare it to your current funds. One thing you have to keep in mind is that you never start a business with critical funds or if you aren’t confident if you can sustain the costs of your business.

Business is about taking a risk, but it should always be reasonable. If you know your ideas are all set already, you have stable funds to support your business, and confident about the brand you will offer to the market. Then that’s the only time you can implement your dream clothing business.


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