5 Amazing Ways to Light Your Home Like an Expert


Do you want to light your home like a pro but confused how to do it?

Actually, this is not just you who find it difficult to find the best lights from online lighting stores in India; availability of so many lighting options in online as well as physical stores make the selection process really difficult. Deciding which light to pick for different parts of the home is a daunting task. To help you pick the lights like a pro, here are 5 amazing ways.

Every room or the corner in your home has its own importance and unique feature. And accordingly, these need different lighting fixtures. A wall sconce that looks great in the bedroom might not look equally appealing in the drawing room. So, before investing money in expensive and designer lighting, you should first understand the spaces and the ambiance you want to create in them. Understanding of the requirements is half battle won when it comes to online shopping of lighting in India.

  • Size and placement of the lights

Once you know the type of the light you want for different rooms, the next task is to decide the right size and their placement. For instance, if you are into the habit of reading books before sleeping, you need to pick the right size of the table lamp or the wall sconce as well as their placement. Logically, the light should be at least 16 to 18 inches above from the mattress. To highlight an artwork in the living room, the light should be placed in such a way that it neither looks too odd nor draws whole attention towards the artwork. There should be a right balance between the functionality and appeal.

  • Layer your lighting

In living room and dining areas, the lights are not just to brighten up the area but also to create a mood. This is possible only when you strike a right balance between functional and mood lighting that you can do with layering. Some of the options to create a layering of lights are using lamps next to a sofa or using a floor lamp in a reading corner.

  • Consider your room’s paint color when buying lights

There is a strong relation between the impact of the lights and your room’s paint color. No matter how expensive or designer lights you buy, you can never get the desired beauty if the room is too dark. You will be surprised to know that even a minor difference in the same hue can make a huge impact on the appearance and appeal of your room. So when buying lights always keep your room’s color in the mind.

  • When in doubt take help of professionals

If you still find it difficult to decide the right selection of lighting fixtures, I would suggest you take help of the professionals. Tell them your requirements and buy room lights as per their suggestion. They know what is in the trend and how different lights can highlight the beauty of your home. So, instead of wasting money and getting some wrong lights, it is better to seek advice from the experts.

Since lights are an essential part of home from both the functionality as well as decoration point of view, you should be very careful when buying lights. In today’s tech-savvy world, it is better to explore online lighting stores in India to get the best lighting options for every part of your home.


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