Growth Hacking – What To Gather When Marketing


Anyone who has tried to successfully market a business will know just how difficult it can be, especially if you are focusing on advertising and low conversation strategies. Businesses large and small run into problems when it comes to growing their presence online and boosting sales, simply because there’s a lot of competition out there. It can be difficult to build connections and develop long lasting business relationships. However, that doesn’t mean that doing so is completely out of the question. With growth hacking, marketing a business is something that can be done. Rather than focusing on driving traffic to the business itself, focus on building connections. More about building people connections can be found on this website click here for more information.

Build Connections With a Growth Hacking Habit

There is no denying that business success is largely down to people, which is why growing a business has a lot to do with the personal connections that you make. There are a lot of different forms of growth hacking, but developing the growth hacking habit of making connections wherever you go is a worthwhile habit to have. Making personal connections and networking can have a huge impact going forward, especially if you showcase yourself as someone who is worth knowing. Here are some of the key things to remember when building connections.

  • Get Their Email Address and Mobile Number – These two pieces of information are key, as they are the easiest ways to contact someone. Once you have met and exchanged details, send a simple text to thank them. It’s the first step in solidifying what could be a long lasting personal connection.
  • Store Their Contact Information – Nobody wants to make a connection, only to then find that they have misplaced their contact information and have no way of retrieving it. Enter it into your address book and store it, then it will be there whenever you need it.
  • Research Them – The chances are that after a first meeting you won’t know too much about a person. So, head over to Google and find out what you can. You may find something that could work to your advantage, such as a niche interest they have. You may even find that they have connections that could benefit you going forward.
  • Send a Great Email Sending an email packed with useful information and help is a great way to highlight your expertise. If you have an idea to help their business, let them know. If you have a solution that could solve a problem they have, make this clear. Not only does this remind them of what you have to offer, but it also helps to keep the conversation going and ensures the connection remains a strong one.

When you are marketing and building connections, it’s not enough to simply introduce yourself and hope that you are memorable. This growth hacking habit requires you to gather information. By doing so, you will have the resources to continue the relationship and market directly to them in a number of different ways.


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