Follow These 5 Tips to Make Great Interior Design Portfolio


One of the most popular courses that people pursue, is aiming at being an interior designer. This budding industry has many people in it. The work of an interior designer includes planning, management work and even researching on projects to create a better living or working space for people. A professional interior design portfolio is one of the key components that an interior designer needs to have. Your client will understand your work and your worth only when they see a portfolio, which is a viewer for your work, your creativity and how you look at things. The portfolio is a very important tool. It will help the client understand the kinds of style that you work with and how well organized you are. Whenever you want to venture into some new work and new clients, having a portfolio will help you a lot.

If you are new to this and wondering how to go about making a portfolio, here are five steps that you should follow in order to make a great interior designer portfolio:


It is really important that you include everything in your portfolio. Starting from all your accomplishments, certificates, educational qualification documents and all the awards and medals that you have received should be included in the portfolio. This makes you even more desirable with so many accomplishments. Remember that one should never try to give false information. This takes you nowhere and you might end up losing your chances if you get caught, hence always produce your correct credentials. Include your email address and other contact information so that if the clients like your portfolio, they can easily contact you.

Interior Design Portfolio 1

Put your thoughts out there

The client that is approaching you or the employer that wants you as their employee has almost zero idea about you and your insights. To make them aware about yourself, your thoughts and goals, you can always write a few things down in the form of an essay. This essay or statement focuses on the plus points that you have things you are good at and deliver without any hesitation. Keep the word limit in check, so that the essay is short and crisp, which the reader does not get bored reading.

Make it visually attractive

Visuals appeal the human mind; it is the best way you can actually get their favour and win hearts. Just keep on adding photographs, sketches and drawings of your work. Make them look super professional the quality should have a high resolution. This will help the client understand the concept that you have worked with. Showing different angles of the same work and looking at other dimensions can be a good way to work around with.

Organise it well

Cluttering never helps. Make sure that you organise your portfolio and make it look good. Leave space in between pictures, maybe add borders, do anything but boring. Let your creative side do this for you, choose different pictures and place them in an order, not haphazardly. Add a contents table in the beginning to make sure that the employer or client finds it easier to look for things.

Make it look professional

Interior design companies in Bangalore absolutely hate it when they see a handmade portfolio. There are many portals online which make portfolios thereby it will be easier for you to compile things and make it look professional. Print it and then present it, get a soft copy in a digital format as well. That will help you give out your portfolio when you do not have a hard copy.


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